An inexpensive gift guide for this holiday season!

From the parent who has everything to the sibling who only wants expensive items, buying gifts for your friends and family can be difficult. This gift guide contains items under $25 that you can use during this giving season! You can find them online or in-stores. 

A bluetooth speaker

The iLive bluetooth speaker is great for gift giving. It is water resistant and has bluetooth, AUX, USB, SD and FM functions. You can find it online for $24.99 at

        iLive bluetooth speaker, $24.99

A smaller alternative to the iLive bluetooth speaker is the KOLEER S31 speaker. It has features like 30-hour playing time, water resistance, AUX, USB, FM radio and LED lights. The speaker can also be used as a power bank to charge your phone. It’s listed for $17.99 on and includes free Prime delivery.

                                   KOLEER S31 bluetooth speaker, $17.99

A warm blanket

There’s no better way to stay warm during winter than using a warm blanket. The Tranquility 12-pound weighted blanket is a great gift idea for those trying to stay warm. It comes in colors “midnight blue” and “pewter” at for $22.

        Tranquility weighted blanket, $22

For a less serious gift, you can give the Jorbest Tortilla Blanket. This round, soft-flannel blanket can be a great laugh while gift giving! has listed this 60-inch diameter blanket at $24.99 with free Prime delivery.

                                       Jorbest Tortilla Blanket, $24.99


A personalized water bottle or mug

A personalized item can bring sentimental value to your gift. A mug with your favorite picture with a loved one can be a great way to show your appreciation for them. Walgreens and CVS both offer personalized mugs for $13.99 on their websites. 

11 oz. personalized mug, $13.99

A monogrammed water bottle is another personalized gift that can be a great idea this holiday season. is a great place to find personalized gifts while also supporting small businesses. Walmart also has a lot of unisex options on their website.

Monogram water bottle, $18.65

Something artsy

Give your family or friend an arts and crafts project! Painting, coloring and drawing are all fun and therapeutic ways to relax. The Bob Ross by the Numbers painting kit is available on for $6.49.

      Bob Ross by the Numbers, $6.49

Merchandise from their favorite TV show or music artist

Many people love getting gifts that have their favorite TV show or music artist on them. Hot Topic offers lots of items like shirts, keychains, figurines and more. BoxLunch is another great store that offers merchandise from popular TV shows — especially Disney. 

        Billie Eilish t-shirt, $14.94         Funko Pop! Disney Pixar Dug Days Russel Vinyl Figure, $11.90

Fun socks

Socks are seen as one of the worst gifts you can receive as a gift, but why not mix it up? You can customize socks to put a fun design or someone’s face from multiple vendors on Prices average about $7.99 a pair on their website. You can also find fun socks at Target in Bullseye’s Playground (usually found at the front of the store). 

              Custom face socks, $7.99              T-Rex Dinosaur Cozy Crew Socks, $3


Gift Cards

Gift cards can seem a bit impersonal, but they are a great way to allow the person you’re gifting to buy what they want. There are also gift cards that can be used at more than one store. You can make the gift card seem more personal by putting it in a card with a nice message or combining it with one of the gifts above.


              Treat Yourself gift card, $25–$100             Starbuck gift card, $15

Whether you are looking for a gift for your best friend, or trying to find something for a holiday work party, these seven items are great gift ideas for the 2021 holiday season. They are versatile and inexpensive options that can be given to all ages.