After taking a poll about COVID-19 vaccines, there were mixed responses about why people should say yay or nay to these new methods of protection


Though mass-scale vaccination in the U.S. has indicated that the end of the pandemic may be near, many students and members of the APU community still have mixed feelings about the various COVID-19 vaccines that are currently available. 

A ZU Media survey that aimed to gauge people’s attitudes toward the different COVID-19 vaccines found opinions on the matter to be split. From the 14 survey respondents, seven said they have or are planning on getting the vaccine, while six said they will not. Only one was unsure.

For those who said yes, there was a common theme in their responses. 

Eric Barnard, assistant coach of APU’s tennis team, said “I feel like it is the best way to protect myself and others from COVID-19.” 

Another response was from a student, who said “These vaccines are painful and complicated compared to the others we receive regularly. However, they have proven to be effective against COVID-19. I have taken the first dose and though it was slightly painful, I feel so much safer being around my immunocompromised loved ones and my friends. To me, that’s more than worth it.

In a similar vein, those who said that they are not planning on getting the vaccine shared similar reasons for why they chose to do so. One student said, “I don’t find it necessary for a sickness like COVID-19. If I do get COVID-19, I am confident I will recover. Also, I would like to wait until the vaccine has been around longer before considering. But for now, I am not concerned about contracting the virus nor spreading it, especially since I’ve been working for 10 months now and have been fine. I am not opposed to the vaccine but would like to do a little more research since as of right now, I’m a bit clueless about it.” 

Another response from a student-athlete echoed similar concerns. “While the vaccines have proven to be safe, I am not comfortable with using a new vaccine. I don’t know all the side effects of the vaccine and I’d rather wait until more information is disclosed about their effects.”

Finally, there was one person respondent that said they were unsure about whether or not they will get the vaccine.  

“The vaccine is still so new, and I’m a little concerned about what long term effects it could have on me as well as others,” the student said. “Also, I’ve heard that a lot of people have been getting sick after receiving the vaccine and it makes me question how safe it is.”

Though feelings towards the COVID-19 vaccines may be mixed, it seems that a majority of people want to be vaccinated, according to a Kaiser Health News poll.  

Though the vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective, scientists are still learning how well the vaccines can prevent others from spreading the virus. Many places that are planning to open up will now have new protocols to keep everyone as safe as possible while trying to get back to normal. 

Since January, when the first doses of the vaccine were administered in California, there have been 16,125,197 people who have gotten at least one dose and 8,959,332 people who have been fully vaccinated. Though California still has a ways to go before everyone is fully vaccinated, they are off to a good start.