Jeffree Star’s car crash has stirred up the media and has people raising eyebrows. 

Youtube star and influencer Jeffree Star was recently involved in a car crash in Wyoming on Friday Apr. 16, and the timing and publicity of the incident has caused many across the internet to question the legitimacy of the accident. 

The accident occurred on Friday, Apr. 16, when Star and his friend Daniel Lucas were reportedly seriously injured in a rollover crash in Casper, Wyoming. Some details of the story were confirmed by police, after Star tweeted that his Rolls Royce hit black ice and flipped three times. 

The crash came just before the launch of Star’s latest product line, which launched on Apr. 20. Star is no stranger to controversy, and with more than 16.5 million subscribers, his fame and wealth has brought quite a few problems with it.

The drama surrounding Star has been brewing for years, from countless public feuds to sexual assault allegations, in which Star was accused of groping males around him without consent and inflicting other forms of physical harm on his employees and friends. 

He also allegedly tried to cover up some of these incidents by offering to pay victims $10,000 if they recanted their stories. One of the victims who refused to change their story told Insider Magazine, “Jeffree has never hidden any of this. The only thing he’s ever done is shut people up.”

Just days after the accident in an Instagram story, Star stated that he was receiving “emails from people and the media” asking him to comment on rumors that the car accident was faked in order to generate press around the launch of his new product line. 

I don’t know what would make someone write such a dumb horrible story, but that was one of the worst experiences of my life. So let’s take a little pause. I just don’t get it,” stated Star. 

Jeffree said that the situation was made much worse by the harassment his friend Lucas was receiving while still in the hospital getting treatment due to complications. 

Although Star has spread countless rumors online about fellow Youtubers and celebrities, he remarked that he gets frustrated with the vicious nature of the iternet, as his family and friends were being harassed regarding details of the accident.

Evan Hecht wrote for The Diamondback  about the Internet’s ruthless way of attacking stars and celebrities who are problematic. When he saw the internet memes making fun of Star’s severe injuries, he said he, “felt an intense moral dilemma.”

“Part of me thought, ‘Wow, I feel so bad. This man is literally hospitalized, and people seem to be cheering on his injury.’” He continued writing saying, “These memes are hilarious, and I can laugh.’”

Regarding Star’s moral character, Hecht wrote, “While I don’t personally know Jeffree Star, I know enough about him to know about his deeply problematic life. From old videos of him using racial slurs to recent articles disclosing hush money paid to victims he allegedly assaulted, I am acutely aware he’s not a good person.”

Hecht discussed how he believes that it is not wrong to poke fun at a situation lightheartedly, but that people should evaluate their intentions when they are purposely trying to hurt someone or threaten them in any way. 

Star claims that he will be wearing a back brace for months as he recovers. His Twitter has largely gone back to featuring photos of his new product launch, rather than discussing his injuries and the car crash.