As movies are beginning to release in theaters again, here are some movies I wish we could have seen in theaters. 

Movie theaters are starting to reopen after closing down due to coronavirus. You will now be able to watch a movie with family, friends and significant others again in a COVID-safe manner. However, there are a few movie releases I wish I saw in theaters instead of in my living room or on my phone. Listed below are the top 3 movies that I didn’t get to see in theaters in 2020 that I wish I had the chance to. 

1. “I Care A Lot” 

Netflix released “I Care A Lot”on Feb. 19, 2021, and it ended up ranking on Netflix’s Top 10 in the U.S. The movie entails scamming, lies and mixed emotions between a woman who seems to care for you but actually ends up stabbing you in the back. Starring Rosamund Pike, the actress from “Gone Girl,” plays Maria Grayson, a deceitful legal guardian draining all the financials from her elderly wards. She meets an elderly woman who she’s no match for, and every lie and scam comes to stab her in the back.

 I wish I was able to see this film in the theater because having an audience while watching a film starring Rosamund Pike would’ve been sensational. Every character she plays defines her acting skills as nothing but extraordinary. Especially since I had to watch this film in my home, being surrounded by others would’ve made the story feel more real. 

2. “Wonder Woman 1984”  (WW84)

Based off of the DC Comics character, Wonder Woman is back with a sequel where Diana and Steve adventure into the era of big hair, exotic style and colors. Diana, played by Gal Gadot, is in the 1980s facing two new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah. Wonder Woman must save the world from a path of destruction after an ancient artifact that grants wishes goes missing. 

Imagine you’re in the theater and you hear the audience go wild, booing or gasping from scenes in WW84. If I had the chance to watch it in theaters as opposed to the small screen  on my phone, I feel like I would’ve enjoyed the movie more. However, select theatres are releasing WW84 to watch  with COVID-19 regulatory restrictions. Having WW84 on the big screen, you’ll be able to watch with surround sound and big colors from the movie on a huge screen. 



“Soul” gave us important life lessons with heartfelt moments on an animated platform. Starring Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, “Soul” touches your heart, mind and soul and forces you to ask yourself a  simple question: what makes you, YOU? This Pixar animated film takes you on a journey of what life is like after you die. This movie tells the story of Joe Gardner, who isn’t ready to let his life go. 

This film deserved to be shown in theaters. It was nothing but perfect in my opinion. I cried, laughed and got angry in each scene and being able to see it on the big screen would’ve heightened these emotions for me. It is the perfect piece of what you think you’re missing out on in life because the movie has you wondering what your purpose in life is. 

In 2021, I’m excited to be able to watch movies on the big screen instead of my living room again, and I’m looking forward to a large popcorn and Sprite to go with my movie.