Link to full pdf: ZU Magazine Issue #2: 911 (Fall 2020)

Link to the digital version: ZU Magazine Issue #2: 911 (Fall 2020)

Letter from the Editor:

911, what’s your emergency? 

A call for help. 

While COVID-19 showed us how systems fail, there is power in how one responds. 911 used to be a hotline we could call for everything. However, over time it became something that everyone called for every problem. When someone calls 911 for a problem that should not be solved by first responders, there is an issue. For example, disputes in the home should not be solved by police officers. Therefore, we must continue to find ways to solve this problem.

This issue is about upholding our promise to map out what occurs in the light of these failed systems. These articles talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. They reveal injustice and call on APU students, faculty and staff members to take action. Our own APU bubble has not been immune to what is going on in the world, and it has caused a feeling of disunity as we are no longer on campus. Without action, the world becomes stagnant, systems fail and chaos reigns. But in order to overcome this, students need help from their schools, community and nation to continue to advance in our society. 

To our readers, I know that there are some of you who struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are all facing Zoom fatigue, burnout and looming finals. Yet, we must continue to find joy. Joy in the power of love, joy in knowing that it could be worse and joy in taking action. We hope our readers take comfort in this. 

Our writers wanted to see a change in mindset. Currently, there is political turmoil, school and the coronavirus. These articles outline how to move forward, adapt to a new lifestyle and who to call for help.  

Our desire is that these articles push the reader to work for a better tomorrow. A world where we can be equal, unified and live without fear. A world where we begin to reconcile with these systemic problems and continue to improve them. 

When our team began brainstorming for this issue, we knew that the magazine would come out in the midst of chaos. Election day fell in the middle of our press cycle. Outside of elections, there are still the ongoing questions, will life ever return to normal or will justice in our nation ever be realized? 

When faced with difficult situations, our first instinct is to call for help. But unfortunately, a 911 phone call is not going to put an end to systemic racism or solve the ongoing pandemic or mental health crisis. It isn’t realistic. But if 911 isn’t the answer, then what is? 

These stories wrestle with that question, and we hope you will as well.  

-Charissa Enns