Because it’s all about style.

When it comes to sports, my mind goes straight to the team’s looks. I think about how put together the teams look and what they are wearing for the game. This is because fashion is a big part of my life. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 best basketball jerseys according to a fashion guru. 

#10. New York Knicks 1997 (Throwback Authentic) 

These throwback jerseys worn by the New York Knicks in ’97 bring a sense of warmth. Royal blue and orange complement every player well and gives a pop of color to their style. The lettering for the numbers and names of the players helps make these jerseys clean and neat compared to other Knicks’ attire.

#9. Toronto Raptors 1999 (Black and Purple)

I am a huge fan of the team mascot being incorporated into this jersey. The dinosaur teeth around the players’ names look neat, and is a brilliant idea. However, I question the purple and red together as I don’t think it matches well. Even though this jersey isn’t my favorite, I would still purchase it for the aesthetic and vibe. 

#8. Charlotte Hornets 1992 (Hardwood Classics) 

The Hornets Hardwood Classics jersey definitely deserves to be on this list. The teal looks great on every athlete, especially Muggsy Bogues. The jersey just seemed to compliment Bogues best, and it works well. It’s nothing too crazy or flashy. It’s just a simple teal and striped jersey. 

#7. Minnesota Timberwolves 2018 (“Purple Rain”) 

At number seven, we have the “Purple Rain” jerseys that were to honor Prince. These are truly fashionable jerseys for those on and off the court. The jerseys have a really nice purple, magenta color and the lettering in the front is smooth. It is reminiscent of Prince’s famous album, and the designers did a fantastic job coordinating his style into the jersey. 

#6. Milwaukee Bucks 2017 (Statement Edition) 

This was a tough decision, but I am really into the look of this jersey. The stripes on the front of the jersey give a different look than the others in the ranking, and there isn’t a primary color among the stripes. That makes this jersey unique.

#5. Utah Jazz 2017 (Red Rocks) 

The Jazz’s Red Rocks jersey is far brighter than their past jerseys. And because of its ombré colors and the detail, it deserves to be number five on the list. It’s definitely a strong and impactful fashion statement. 

#4. Miami Heat 2012 (Back in Black) 

The Miami Heat, in my opinion, have some of the most crisp and detailed jerseys in the NBA. The jerseys complement the players well year after year, and with a nice pair of kicks, they amplify their look even more. This 2012 model is just one of many examples, as it is both simple yet effective.

#3. Los Angeles Lakers 2004 (Sunday Whites

The Lakers’ Sunday Whites are one of a kind. The look is elegant and classy. The detailing on the side with their traditional purple and yellow gives it a bit of funk. The lettering and numbers are designed well with the staple Lakers look.

#2. Sacramento Kings 1985 (Baby Blue) 

My second favorite jersey is Sacramento’s Baby Blue jersey. The color scheme is what brought it to number two. The cursive lettering on the front with the red and white colors is also wonderful. Worn with a compression shirt or tank top underneath, this jersey will make heads turn. 

#1. Miami Heat 2017 (Vice Collection)

The Miami Heat’s 2017 Vice collection has to be placed on the top. Black, baby blue, hot pink and white is such a vibrant color scheme that is striking. The “Miami” on the front has nice baby blue lettering with the cursive font being highlighted in a hot pink tone. This is a great fashion statement, and it can be worn by anyone.