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It is more effective to vote based on issues rather than party voting.

This election has, unsurprisingly, evolved into a heated debate over which candidate will win. While people have already begun voting, some are still undecided and aren’t happy with the few options left. And sometimes, some only vote based off of political party.

Just siding with a political party out of default is ineffective — voting should be based off of what the candidates have planned for different issues.

While party voting can easily help decide one’s vote, using one’s affiliated party as a default for an election is irresponsible. And yet, as New York Times reported, this rivalry between the two parties is the core force behind political choices made in government.

Voting in the 2020 election has shifted focus to candidates’ stances on issues with all the chaotic events that have been occurring throughout this year. Events like COVID-19, economic downfall, loss of jobs, unjust actions and so on have all caused people to focus on these issues now more than ever.  As The Atlantic stated, these events have helped speed up the breakdown of trust in government and especially politics.

Because of how much our daily lives have been affected by these incidents, people want to make sure that their futures have some form of certainty. A recent survey taken by Pew Research Center explored what issues people will base their votes on. The economy was the top issue. 

In light of this, citizens should vote based on issues rather than just siding with whichever political party sounds best. There are also numerous resources available to learn about candidates’ stances on issues. There is no excuse for party voting without doing research. 

Websites have also given a plethora of information on what candidates are for and against. For example, an article by CNBC News gave helpful information on what Trump and Biden have planned for taxes. 

Voting based off of issues is more effective than just siding with a political party. It allows citizens to use their voting rights more responsibly and cater to the change they want to see.