Hunter Biden’s secret emails raise questions about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings.

An exposé by the New York Post has revealed how Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, allegedly attempted to “cash in on his father’s position” by introducing him to an executive at a Ukrainian energy firm. Evidence of the meeting contradicts Joe Biden’s former claims that he has “never spoken to [his] son about his overseas business dealings.” 

The laptop, reportedly belonging to Hunter Biden, was brought into a Delaware repair shop for water-damage repairs but was never paid for and the laptop was never retrieved, even though the shop owner claims that he repeatedly tried to contact the owner multiple times. 

In one of the leaked emails between an advisor to the board of Burisma and Hunter Biden, he thanked Biden for the “opportunity” to meet then-Vice President Joe Biden, calling it an “honor” and a “pleasure.”

Hunter Biden’s ex-business associate, Tony Bobulinski, was one of the recipients of the leaked email. Bobulinski released a response to Fox News stating that the email was “genuine,” and  the information released was in no way a part of a Russian disinformation scheme — as previously accused by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif. John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence, called this claim false and stated that “There is no intelligence that supports that.” 

In the aftermath of the emails coming to light, there have been a wide variety of reactions from politicians and journalists on both sides of the aisle. 

Glenn Greenwald, a pulitzer-prize winning journalist, remarked that he doesn’t see the emails causing a huge scandal before the election. “They so far just establish standard sleaze and DC corruption,” he stated, going on to say that “The huge scandal to me is the blatant rank-closing and cone of silence — a prohibition — erected *by journalists* around this story to defend Biden.”

Aside from the emails regarding business dealings, the hard drive also contained  explicit videos and images of Hunter Biden. In a 12 minute video found on the hard drive, Hunter is seen “smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with an unidentified woman.” 

In light of the breaking story, Newsweek reported on Friday that Bobulinski will be questioned by the FBI regarding his knowledge of Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s overseas business dealings. 

During the Thursday night Presidential debate, Biden denied any financial involvement in his son’s business ventures and said that the deals were ethical.

Sen. Ron Johnson, chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, released a statement saying, “I appreciate that the FBI has a job to do, and I am glad they are finally taking an interest in these concerning financial matters that our Committees have been investigating for months.” Johnson went on to say that Bobulinski will “fully share his insights into the Biden family’s business dealings.”

Bobulinski denied any political agenda in coming forward, stating “The American people can judge for themselves. I have no wish to bury anyone. I’ve never been political.”

Joe Biden remains firm on his stance that there was “nothing unethical” about his son’s businesses.