As coronavirus cases continue to surge through California, APU decides on a virtual fall semester with hopes to return to campus in the spring.

According to a statement sent out by President Ferguson on Wednesday afternoon, Azusa Pacific University has officially shifted its plans to hold the fall semester completely online.   

APU will “pivot to remote learning in an online modality this fall, striving to re-create the classroom environment with an emphasis on interactions between faculty and students,” according to the statement.

The semester will now begin on Aug. 31, 2020 and end on Dec. 18, 2020 in an attempt to accommodate faculty and students during this time. This is in contrast to the previously given start date of Aug. 24, 2020 and end date of Dec. 11, 2020.

When it comes to programs that prepare students for professions essential to the state’s and nation’s recovery from the pandemic, they will have necessary accommodations this fall. Students should be hearing from their respective departments in the coming days. 

These decisions have all stemmed from Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent statement given last Friday. The Governor’s statement was directed at K-12 students, and although APU is beyond that school range, the university still resides in Los Angeles County, an area on the COVID-19 monitoring list. Therefore, the school felt “the principles conveyed in the Governor’s message are clear,” in that the county is not ready to fully reopen. 

APU hopes to return to campus in the spring and has created a donor-funded COVID-19 Testing Center on campus to help facilitate that desire.

Although now online, the University hopes to continue to emphasize “rigorous academics, rich student support, intentional faith integration, and deep connection between faculty and students.”

The President’s Cabinet will provide more guidance with regards to “remote learning, student engagement opportunities, housing, chapel and other spiritual development opportunities, and student wellness services” starting next week.