Why it is time to ditch Netflix and Amazon Prime and spend quality time with loved ones at the game table

We are living in a strange time. The issue of COVID-19 has pushed us into something the world was not prepared for. One of the biggest shifts for our world is that we have been ordered to stay inside. This presents a big problem because sitting around the house gets boring. 

How can we keep ourselves entertained without losing our minds? You might think it’s time to turn to Netflix and binge watching, but I’m here to tell you to go the other way. 

It’s time for board games and puzzles. 

It’s crazy, right? Who would’ve known you could entertain yourself for hours with some cardboard? I did. I knew. Now, I am here to share the joy of board games and puzzles with you. 

According to the Interaction Design Foundation, board games have been around for about 5,000 years and Netflix has only been around since 1997. Point one for board games. 

Here are just a few other reasons to pass time with games instead of binge watching “The Office” for the fourth time:

First things first, playing board games is a social activity. Don’t you dare try to say watching Netflix and movies is a social activity. Everyone is either focused on the movie or they’re messing around on their phone. 

As humans, we crave social interaction. Playing a board game forces you to talk with the people around you, engage in a potential conversation and have fun. 

Other than bringing you social interaction, playing board games also brings many health benefits.

According to Howgameareyou.com, some of these benefits include lowering your blood pressure, reducing the risk of mental disease, speeding up your response time and child development. 

On the other hand, rapidweblaunch.com suggests that even “the shows (on Netflix) that don’t necessarily have explicit content still manage to be about darker themes. Everyone wants to be DARK. Disturbing, shocking, grotesque, downright depressing.” According to author Patrick Antinozzi, “You are what you eat, and that includes what your mind ingests.” 

During this time of uncertainty, we need to think positively and enjoy what we still have. Play a fun board game over watching a depressing show on Netflix or other streaming services. 

Another huge culture shock the world is experiencing is moving schools and jobs to an online platform. Schoolwork and professional work can be done through a computer, where Netflix sets its trap. 

According to this ARC journal article, “Netflix binge watching appears to be problematically distracting many undergraduates and disrupting academic success for some.” 

Some of us believe the idea that since we are home from school or work, we have more free time. To everyone’s dismay, that is not true. Schoolwork and jobs are going to consume the same amount of energy and work, maybe even more since they have moved online.

My point here is instead of using your favorite TV show as a reward, play a board game with your family or do a puzzle to reward yourself. 

According to Lifehack.org some board games “are especially amazing in terms of cultivating your priceless brain cells!” Some of the board games include Settlers of Catan, Clue, Scramble and most surprisingly, Chutes and Ladders. 

While it is never bad to enjoy your favorite TV show on Netflix or Hulu, it is important to consider the factors and negative effects that come with binge-watching. Next time you’re bored, pick up the board game and put down the remote.