View the full pdf here: ZU Magazine Issue #5: Grit (Spring 2020)

Hey readers! Welcome to the fifth issue of ZU Magazine. This theme’s issue is “Grit.”

We chose the theme way back in February. This theme has been popping up in our last few brainstorm sessions, and we felt that it was finally the right time to make it our theme. 

In this issue you’ll find stories of people overcoming odds through “grit” — the raw determination to reach a goal no matter what tries to get in the way. Grit can take the form of resistance and disruption or of creativity and optimism. It’s the blood, sweat and tears born of passion and purpose.

In light of the global pandemic, I think it’s important now more than ever to highlight these stories of grit — but also to give space to acknowledge how it’s affecting us. Many of us are affected by our school’s decision to move academics online and send us home. Many of us seniors are grieving because our last days of college are cut short, we may never see some of our dear friends again and our graduation ceremony is canceled. And it’s hard, and our hearts are heavy. But there is still hope.