Welcome to the first ZU Magazine issue of the new year!

In the year of our Lord 2020, the theme “20/20 vision” seems to pop up everywhere, almost to the point of cliché. Still, I think there’s something to it! Perhaps the reason it’s so repeated is a reflection of our desire as a culture to see past appearances, lifting our eyes to something greater.

Vision refers to things both seen and unseen. It’s the way in which we perceive reality, and it’s something we hold in our hearts that we work to manifest into reality. Scripture tells us that without vision, we lose hope — but with it, we run towards our goals.

This could be a time to ask ourselves what we want to see in 2020, and what it will take to get there. In this issue, we also compare and contrast two different ideas: clarity and distortion—two ways to see, depending on your lens.

With these stories, we want to explore what we see on the horizon and examine the lens through which we view it — from social media to the XFL to immigration policies.

With this issue, we invite you to dream with us about what you would like to see this new decade.

Read the full PDF here: ZU Magazine Issue 4: Vision (Spring 2020)