A review of week 7 of “The Bachelor”

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the weekly update on “The Bachelor.” Every episode thus far has been filled with drama and pettiness, and I am pleased to report that this week’s episode was no different. The six remaining girls were practically clawing at one another in order to win Peter’s heart and make it to the hometown dates. 

If you’ve been living under a rock or are new to “The Bachelor” scene, hometown dates are when the girls take the Bachelor home to meet their families. This often solidifies the Bachelor’s decision of which girl he chooses as his wife.

In this episode, Peter and the remaining contestants – Natasha, Madison, Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Victoria F., and Kelley – flew to Lima, Peru in order to see if sparks were truly there. Although they were in a city meant to promote romance and love, drama soon reared its ugly head, in typical Bachelor fashion.

The first part of the drama occurred when Madison was given her second one-on-one of the season. Natasha was particularly annoyed because she hadn’t even been able to go on a one on-one yet. 

“I hope [Madison] doesn’t come back,” Natasha said. 

This was really unfair on Peter’s part. Every time he and Natasha were together, he reassured her that they had a connection, something special.Yet, he never seemed to make an effort to get to know her on a personal level. 

In my opinion, Natasha was kept on the show for too long. It was obvious that she and Peter didn’t really have a romantic connection. Nonetheless, Peter kept giving her roses and letting her go on to the next week. It seemed as if he was keeping her around “just in case.” 

This was clear by the fact that it took her until the final six to receive a one-on-one. Finally, he too realized that he saw Natasha as more of a “bro” instead of a romantic partner. 

Peter strung her along, giving her false hope that a relationship could be possible, when he knew that they were only meant to be friends. Her spot could have been taken by someone, like Lexi, who he really had a connection with. 

During Peter and Natasha’s date, he realized his actions and ended up not offering her the rose to stay another week. Although heartbroken, she understood what he was doing and why he thought it was right. 

The next unfortunate victim of Peter was Kelley, the 27-year-old tax attorney. She seemed to be a fan-favorite until this week of “The Bachelor.” During the previous weeks, Kelley seemed as if she was one of the very few level headed girls there, but her true colors were shown when she began to put down the other contestants, particularly Hannah Ann and Victoria F. 

“I almost wish I could throw you guys in front of buses,” Kelley said. “Hannah Ann and Victoria F. are literally children and I have no idea why they’re still here.” 

Kelley’s attitude throughout the entire episode continued on in this manner. She became overly confident that Peter would give her a rose. However, when Victoria F. and Hannah Ann were given roses, she was astounded. 

“I have no idea why I am in this car,” she complained, as she was sent home. 

Kelley, you messed everything up for yourself. Maybe you should have focused more on your relationship with Peter, instead of treating this show as a free vacation. 

Emily Durbin, a freshman business management major echoed this. 

“I was really glad that Kelley left because it gave other girls, like Madison, a chance to shine,” Durbin said. 

However, not everyone agrees with Peter’s decision to send Kelley home. Freshman journalism major Darcy Bolinger believes she was sent home prematurely and was one of the few “normal” girls on the show.

“I really liked Kelley because she brought a level head to the show, whereas Victoria F. is scattered and emotional. Hannah Ann seems young and inexperienced at life,”Bolinger said. “RIP Kelley.” 

Peter finally got something right: sending people home who weren’t meant to be there. Sending home Natasha and Kelley were some of the best decisions he has made thus far on the show.

On the other hand, Madison, America’s favorite, continued to be a standout character on the show. She was vulnerable and told Peter that she values her faith. Madison also revealed that she thought it was important for Peter to have the same faith so that they may raise their children with the same ideals. She was immediately given a rose as Peter told her he was falling in love with her. 

As the hometown dates approach, it will be interesting to see if Peter continues to pursue his relationship with Madison. Will more drama arise? Who will be eliminated next? We will find out as this season of “The Bachelor” continues.