Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day check out these cool spots for a fun Friday night out. 


For some, Valentine’s Day can be a day full of bliss and love. For others, it could be a day full of irritation and loathing. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, fun is fun. Your T.G.I.F. mentality should not be ruined by the notorious cheesiness of the date it happens to fall on. So grab your girl or guy and paint the town red with these fourteen fabulously fun things to do regardless if you’re single or not! 


OUE Skyspace 

Watch the sun set and get close to the stars while nestled in your lover’s arms. The Sky Space in Los Angeles is a magnificent roof top world where you can take the elevator to the top, slide down the side of the building, and get your wings in the multiple photo spots. 

Party of one? Go with a friend and snap those perfect pics for you Instagram, Twitter, or Tinder and find the next love of your life!  


Dave & Buster’s

Do the playing so you don’t get played. With fun games such as Fruit Ninja, Skee-Ball and cup pong, have fun at the adult version of Chuck E. Cheese in Ontario. Get a card, get a drink, and get back to the good ol’ days!

One man team? Rack up those points and get yourself the perfect V-day present in the glorious Dave & Buster’s ticket store.


Downtown L.A. Art District

Use your tap card and hop on the goldline to ride into L.A. Hold hands while walking through the street lights, grab a bite to eat at a trendy new restaurant, and finish the night off with some sweet gourmet desserts. 

Single but ready to mingle? Go to the hottest spot, look at some art in the museums, and be your own artist while you paint the town on your social media stories. 


K1 Speed

What’s more romantic than beating your significant other in a ‘friendly’ go kart race? Absolutely nothing. Place a bet and see who will come out on top. 

Mario without a Princess Peach? Kick some butt on the track anyway!


Santa Monica Pier

Take a long walk on a short but lively pier. With attractions like roller coasters, street performers and carnival games, this boardwalk is a sweet option for you and your significant other.

Is love a beach? Grab a friend, get some ice cream and party like you’re Hannah Montana! 


The Aquarium of the Pacific

Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to the aquarium with me? Um, yes! The aquarium night dive is a perfect event for you and, in the words of Phoebe Buffay, your lobster. Enjoy music, fishies, food trucks and live murals.

Single sardine? Take your best friend and find the next catch!


The Griffith Observatory

The stars aren’t just in her eyes. The Griffith Observatory is the perfect Valentine’s Day destination for those who love beautiful views, starry skies, and perfect picture spots.

Lonely astronomer? Make a wish on a shooting star‒— I heard it helps. 


Venice Beach

Who doesn’t love a couple of weirdos and bodybuilders? People watch as you stroll down the Bohemian boulevard. Find the perfect V-day gift in one of the many street vendor pop-ups.

Only one pair of footprints in the sand? I’m sure they have a vendor who can help with that. 


The Huntington Library

I know what you might be thinking, but no, you do not have to read anything if you don’t want to. The Huntington Library is home to an art museum, multiple expedition halls and gorgeous gardens which are perfect for romantic strolls. 

Still hunting for the one? Grab some friends and go anyway.   


Paint Night at Cactus Coffee

Be Bob Ross for the night while you sip the nectar of the gods with your angel. 

Single? Did I mention you can get free coffee?


Axe Throwing

Single or taken and still not over that ex? Throw some axes in West Covina.


Water Biking in Long Beach

Love to ride? Glowing water bikes are the perfect combination of fitness and fun! Plus… the lighting is super romantic. 

Single rider? Take your own breath away while pedaling like Ryan Gosling is just in front of you. 


Neon Retro Arcade

Channel your inner hipster while playing the games your parents did.

Single player? Plenty of time to get the highest score on the KISS pinball machine. If that doesn’t work out, there is always Mrs. Pacman.


Take a Hike

There are numerous beautiful trails in the Azusa area, so pick one and take a hike. Exercise releases endorphins which makes you happy, so have a happy Valentine’s Day while walking through the mountains. 

Solo? First tell someone where you are going then climb that reasonably tall mountain. While you might not be kissing any lips that night, you will be tasting sweet, sweet victory. 

Valentine’s Day is just another Friday, so go out have fun and fall in love only if you want to.