Hey readers!

The theme for the second issue is Continuum. Continuum means something that keeps on going, changing slowly over time.

With this issue, we wanted to explore the ways we interact with time — how we move through it, how it changes us, and the tension between living in the present and looking to the past and the future. We are constantly in flux, evolving and shapeshifting, but a continuum allows us to define things by their place in time. It’s rare to feel change taking place in the moment; and it’s often only by looking at checkpoints in time that we can see how far we’ve come. In this issue we explore the evolution of things like sports and dating, ways to efficiently manage our time, and defining moments in the past decade of our culture and of our lives.

We hope this issue encourages you to reflect on, make note of and celebrate those moments in your life.

Read the online PDF here:

ZU Magazine Issue 3: Continuum