He’s back

Sunday at Augusta was truly unlike any other. The roars from patrons were louder than ever before. The nostalgia from fans and haters alike was something much more than just a victory for a man—it became a moment that will forever be etched in time. Golf has its king back; his name is Tiger Woods.

Woods won his 15th major at The Masters on Sunday. This day was a long time in the making. Many people thought he would never win another Masters. It only took him 11 years to win it; however, this is a short amount of time considering where his journey led him. It is truly hard to put into words what we witnessed on Sunday afternoon. It will be one of those moments people will remember not only because of what happened, but also how they felt during the moment.

This is the power of sports. They evoke countless emotions from hope, to heartbreak and all that lies in between. Woods has certainly had his fair share of heartbreak over the past 11 years.

As a fan, it was hard to watch his greatness crumble right before your eyes. But it definitely made Sunday that much sweeter. I watched history unfold as I sat on my couch this weekend, waiting for the iconic moment Woods’ victories always bring.

Woods has had many of these moments, from the walk-it-in and point at the ball putt in the 2000 PGA Championship or the chip-in that stopped just before the cup before finally falling in the 2005 Master’s tournament.

In truth, his victory on Sunday didn’t have one of those moments. Sure, the tee shot on the 16th hole was amazing, but it doesn’t compare. The beauty in the way he won this weekend is only fitting. It wasn’t your typical Tiger victory because he isn’t the same man as he used to be.

Woods began his decade of dominance in 1997 when he became the youngest golfer to ever win a major at the age of 21. Then he ripped off 14 major victories in 11 years, an unparalleled run in the history of golf. This included him winning seven majors in four years (1999-2002).

There is no doubt Woods was the best golfer anyone had ever seen to that point. However, the next 11 years couldn’t have gone worse for him. From his affair scandal to having eight surgeries, his life was forever changed on and off the course. Whether Woods will return to his dominant form for the next stretch of time or not is up for debate.

Woods has now come full circle. When he won his first major in 1997, he shared the moment with his father, who was suffering from heart complications at the time. On Sunday, 22 years later, Woods shared the moment with his two kids. The embrace with his father and the embrace with his boy will live forever.

As for me, I will remember the shot of Woods walking to the clubhouse, egging on the patrons as he shouted victoriously. You could simply tell how much this victory meant to him. Thank you, Tiger, for giving us all hope and a moment we will never forget.

Time and time again, everyone doubted Woods, yet he proved all the doubters wrong. What a powerful comeback story this is. We can all learn from the man, the myth and the legend that is Tiger Woods. He continues to chase a dream that he has pursued since he was three years old.

Do not think Woods is done. His goal lives in the words, “I’m gonna beat Jack Nicklaus.” Be on the lookout, Woods is back, and he has a date with destiny.