On Thursday, Marvel Entertainment released: Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” – Official Trailer. “Endgame” will be the newest addition to the Avengers line and fans couldn’t be more excited.

The trailer begins with a shot of the aftermath of a crash that Tony Stark was in. He seems to have crashed in a desert. Stark opens with the line: “It seems like a thousand years ago.”

A montage of his life plays while he speaks, showing him in space in a bird-shaped ship and showing one of his helmets and a trophy saying  “Proof that Tony Stark does have a heart.”

Personally, I am not a huge fan of Iron Man, so I wasn’t very excited to see him. I’m more of a Captain America kind of person.

Marcus Fernandez, a sophomore studying business,  also wasn’t a huge fan of the beginning of the trailer.

“It was obvious they would survive, but having seen him just makes that storyline a little flat now,” Fernandez said. “There’s no surprise factor anymore. [It] took the fear out of it.”

Then a scene of the first Captain America movie was shown. It’s the scene where Steve Rogers is too short to see himself in an advertisement for soldiers. We then see a cinematic shot of Captain America and Hawkeye teaching his daughter how to shoot a bow and arrow. We also see multiple scenes from “Infinity War,” the scenes of everyone turning into dust.

Everyone who survived Thanos’ attack is then shown. This part of the trailer hints that these characters –– Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Ant-Man, etc. –– will be the main protagonists of this movie.

After a cinematic montage of everyone getting ready for the fight, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) and Captain America engage in a conversation. Romanoff expresses how they owe this to everyone who isn’t with them at the time and need to try to stop Thanos. Captain America comforts her with the words “We will, whatever it takes.”

The trailer then shows more characters getting ready for the fight and some action scenes of Ant-Man, Captain America and Nebula. Then the Avengers walk off with some snazzy new uniforms, which I am a huge fan of.

However, there is one scene in particular that has fans talking. During one of the montages of all of the characters, the trailer goes black and white; however, each character has a highlight of red somewhere on their outfit. Many fans have speculated that this means someone is going to die in this movie.

The trailer ends with Thor having a conversation with Captain Marvel, who will join the fight against Thanos. Fans of the series were excited to see the new trailer, including Adrian Jump, a sophomore kinesiology major.

“My favorite part of the trailer was Hawkeye’s change, to see him teaching his daughter how to do what he’s best at and then the change,” Jump said. “You could see how broken he was over losing his family.”

Thomas Firestone, a sophomore film major, was also a fan of the trailer.

“I thought it was well done, definitely got me way more hyped than the first one,” Firestone said. “My favorite part would be when it shows all the remaining Avengers together and suiting up to go into the quantum realm.”

“Avengers: Endgame” premieres worldwide on April 26. You won’t want to miss it.