As the NFL hosts another Pro Bowl, people need to remember that it’s for the players

When you think of the climax of the NFL season, you don’t think of the Pro Bowl, it’s always been the Super Bowl. The final two weeks of the NFL season couldn’t be more different than each other. It’s honestly kind of humorous that these two events are within a week of each other every year.  It is pretty evident that players don’t try during the Pro Bowl and fans don’t care about it.

Here in America we take pride in hard work and in the freedom to become anyone you want to become. So when people see grown men, not trying in a sport that they get paid lots of money to play, they immediately become upset.

What people don’t realize is the Pro Bowl is not for the fans sitting on their couches. The game and the vacation is for the players. It is a celebration and a reward for the players that performed at the highest level in the NFL. Give these guys a break. It is a privilege to watch these explosive athletes over the course of a full season.

Most people watching the Pro Bowl have never endured what it means to play in the NFL for 16 plus games a year. The physicality of the sport and the entertainment aspect are what draws viewers, but it takes a massive toll on the players’ bodies. These players are going all out each week, while their bodies take the brute of the punishment.

For me, I can’t even imagine what kind of person it takes to want to put your body on the line play after play, week after week. That sounds crazy to me, absolutely crazy.

Sometimes as fans, myself included, we lose sight of this. Since it is a game that our culture cares so much about, we should appreciate what the Pro Bowl brings. It brings the opportunity to compete with the best the sport has to offer.

I know the players consider it a treat, so why can’t we? Why should they try hard to win a game that means absolutely nothing? Do they not give enough effort during the other 16 games? This is simply wrong.

They’ve earned every right to be where they are in life, they did it through blood, sweat and tears. The mentality of fans is so funny to me because it is so hypocritical. No matter how many ways you can change the Pro Bowl, it won’t matter because fans will somehow find a way to dislike it.

Let the elite players in the league enjoy themselves on a beautiful vacation with their closest friends and family. Who are we to try and take the fun out of what they do for a living?

Very few fans can relate to what these men go through. So why persecute them? We should just be happy for the players that made it to the Pro Bowl. This is a celebration for the players and we should be able to at least appreciate that.