Local and Global Engagement Chapel Cancelled After Fire Alarm

Chapel was cut short on Monday after a fire alarm went off on East Campus. The Upper Turner Campus Center (UTCC) was evacuated along with other nearby facilities following standard fire alarm procedure. The alarm was set off by dust particles from a maintenance project cutting concrete downstairs at 10:46 a.m.

This week’s chapel focuses on local and global engagement, with Monday hosting a missionary panel comprised of Karen Rouggly, director for mobilization in the Center for Student Action; Andy Baker, founder of Remember the Children; Alyssa Strickling, H.I.S.years and GoCore representative; and Arianna Caliguiri, founder and CEO of Edge Project. The Center for Student Action (CSA) was scheduled to host the panel.

The local and global engagement series is spotlighted annually at APU chapels. It aims to encourage students to be active in the betterment of their communities.

“We are so disappointed that students did not get a chance to hear our amazing missionary panel,” said Woody Morwood, lead campus pastor.  

Rouggly plans to interview the aforementioned missionaries and post their conversations on the CSA website since they couldn’t speak in chapel.

“As a much of a disruption as it was today, we are glad it was not a student that pulled a fire alarm,” Morwood said.

Morwood added that pulling the fire alarm would have had the potential of a misdemeanor fine of $1000 with further consequences.