On Friday, Nov. 30, David Poole, Ph.D., Chair of APU’s Board of Trustees, sent out an email to faculty and staff announcing the resignation of two former board members. Pastor Raleigh Washington of Chicago and businessman Dave Dias of Sacramento stepped down from the board of trustees, citing their personal belief that APU has strayed away from its evangelical values.

Poole said in the email that while the board “respectfully [disagrees] with their assertion that the board is not committed to APU’s Christian foundation and focus, [we] are grateful for their friendship and many years of generosity and faithful service.The Board of Trustees is actively engaged in stewarding our evangelical Christian identity. We firmly support APU’s work in equipping disciples and scholars to advance the work of God in the world. We are resolute that APU continues to be a premier Christian university and believe that our best days lie ahead.”

ZU News has reached out to Dias, Washington and Poole for comments, and will continue to provide more updates as they come.