The Center for Career and Calling hosted the third EmpowHER event while setting eyes on a bigger future

The Center for Career and Calling hosted an event entitled EmpowHER on March 28, with the purpose of empowering and inspiring young women to enter into the workforce with confidence, grace and integrity.

EmpowHER was created and put on by client experience coordinator, Corrie Hawes. She explained her goal of encouraging women to stand up, speak up and lean in.

“I want people to learn to balance confidence as women in the workplace, while taking care of themselves, knowing that they are going to make mistakes, and it is okay to reach out for help. We can still be confident as women in the workplace,” Hawes said.

This is the third year Hawes has put on EmpowHER.

“We just felt like there were not enough events for women, especially to just be empowered in the workplace as professionals. So we started this event three years ago, and we want to continue it every year,” Hawes said.

For the future of EmpowHer, Hawes wants to incorporate more interactive elements.

“The goals for the future of this event are having more interactive styles of the event, where the crowd gets to chime in more, and also having speakers from diverse backgrounds and workplaces,” Hawes said.

Andrea Yanes, a graduate assistant for the Center for Career and Calling, said that she wants to have a variety of women from all walks of life: some more experienced and some at a more relatable entry-level.

“I want to contact more guest speakers for the event, and maybe have students included as speakers within the event,” Yanes said.

Nicole Airth, a graduate student, said she enjoyed the event and saw opportunities for more.

“I’m in a co-curricular class, so I came tonight to critique the event. I enjoyed how well these women articulated how to have integrity and how to achieve goals in the workforce,” Airth said. “I really feel like people on this campus, women and men, can benefit from hearing how to look at their professional lives to work to accomplish the goals they set out to do.”