A year into Trump’s administration and nothing has been done regarding foreign affairs.

President Donald Trump just celebrated his one-year anniversary as president and this was actually a scary milestone to realize for many people due to the fact that Donald Trump has accomplished little to nothing in the realm of international issues.

Out of these international issues, the biggest facing this country is obviously the regime in North Korea led by Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un. The constant threat of nuclear war coming from North Korea has created a lot of stress between the two nations.

Threats, arguments and bold words have caused both sides to grow farther apart at a time when both sides need to come together to avoid a “Cold War” like situation. This is Trump’s chance to make something out of his second year of presidency.

According to Macleans, “If North Korea indeed launches an attack on America, it’s unlikely any nukes will be advanced enough to reach major areas like New York or Washington D.C. A closer target would be the U.S. territory of Guam, a tiny island located relatively close by in the western Pacific Ocean.”

We are only a year into the Trump administration’s term and Trump has been presented with a wonderful opportunity to do something that has eluded the United States and its political leaders since the early 1960’s. To make peace with North Korea.

A firm North Korean hatred for America was developed following the Korean War in the 1950’s as it was viewed that America stopped Kim Il-sungv, the first supreme leader of North Korea, and the Chinese supported North Korean army from uniting Korea under communism.

According to CNN, “The Chinese and the Americans went home after the fighting, but North Koreans stayed amid the ruins of the battle — their entire infrastructure decimated, their towns and cities completely obliterated.”

At the time a strong initiative for the U.S was to stop the spread of communism at all costs which prompted them to join forces with the democratic South Koreans. The fighting eventually ended in an armistice which divided the land of Korea into the totalitarianism north and democratic south.

Trump meeting with Kim Jong-un could be a step towards peace in that area. Petty threats from one end to another and back again isn’t going to get anyone anywhere. A war with North Korea would not only be destructive for the U.S and Korea but multiple allies of the two nations would be involved in a very deadly conflict that would not end quickly.

This could be a huge accomplishment for Donald Trump during his time as president. He has the opportunity to accomplish something that was never thought to be possible before. The first step is peace with North Korea and the next step is slowly changing the way in which they govern their people.

Trump made big promises in his campaign and most of it included getting rid of everything that was put into law during the Obama administration. The other main point of the Trump campaign was to put America first. Trump could be putting America first by putting any chances of nuclear war with a foreign power to bed.

It is interesting how President Trump could effectively solve a problem that eluded his predecessors and give a better sense of safety and peace to the American people thus solving a problem Former President Obama couldn’t and putting America first through their safety from international threats.