Ringing in the new iPhone X and its iOS 11.1 glitches

Nov. 3 brought the introduction of the iPhone X, Apple’s latest iPhone creation. This iPhone has two major feature changes: A full-faced OLED screen and no home button.

Less than a month and a half ago, Apple also released the iPhone 8 and 8+. This iPhone featured a new glass backside, which allows the iPhone to be charged on a circular platform charger. With every iPhone that Apple releases, the camera has also been improved.

The iPhone X now offers portrait mode in the selfie or front-facing camera. The portrait mode focuses on whatever is the primary figure while blurring out the background. The higher quality camera, ever since the release of the iPhone 7+, has also increased the price of the phones.

Mekenna Eisenga, a junior public relations major and recent purchaser of the iPhone 8+, talked about the pros and cons of the new iPhone X.

“I had bought the 8+ days before the X came out, so it was funny for me to already be an iPhone behind the newest one. The one thing I do need when it comes to purchasing the iPhone is a home button, and that is something the iPhone X does not have,” Eisenga said. “I feel like I would have so many fingerprint marks on my phone from all the swiping and pressing.”

The full-face screen is another new feature of the iPhone X. The screen extends all the way to the top and bottom of the phone and also no longer has a home button. Users swipe down to exit out of the app that they are using.

With the full-faced screen, the X has also added a facial recognition feature. Users can unlock their phone just by using their face. The Dolan twins, famous Viners and YouTubers, recently revealed they had “hacked” the facial recognition lock due to them being identical twins.

Senior applied exercise science major and iPhone 8 owner Jackie Resler likes the facial recognition feature, but is concerned about security.

“I think the facial recognition feature in the iPhone X is cool and high-tech, but I do not think it will make security any better,” Resler said. “Even with a fingerprint recognition on most iPhones, very few people can still unlock it. Maybe the facial recognition’s security is a little bit better, but I do not think it guarantees total security.”

A heavy complaint of the brand-new iPhone is the high cost, since the phone costs almost $1,000.

“I think the price is due to how high tech it is,” Resler said. “I think with a phone like this, it is the first of its kind, and I believe it offers more than what we can imagine if we do not have it. I honestly wouldn’t buy it for that money, but I think this phone is worth all that money.”

The iOS 11 has also been a recent update for all iPhones. With it came a glitch when typing the letter “I.” It autocorrects to “A [?]” and will show up that way when using Mac-related products.

Kyle Henmi, a senior and applied exercise major, is not fond of the persistent glitch.

“It was pretty confusing because I thought it was a new emoji, but I soon realized that it was a glitch. It gets in the way of texting because we use ‘I’ so much, so to have it constantly autocorrecting is annoying,” Henmi said.

Apple fanatics and users await the arrival of the next iPhone to see what else Apple has in store.