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Zu Magazine Editor-in-Chief | Cynthia Arroyo

Whether it’s caused by financial issues, health concerns, complicated relationships, exams or the excessive expectations that we have for ourselves, stress and anxiety are aspects of our lives that we wish we could escape.

In the 2015 “Stress in American” survey, the American Psychologists Association found that people ages 18-35 were most affected by symptoms of stress. No surprise there.

If you have a smartphone, there’s an app that might lend a hand. Head over to the podcast app and listen to these five apps to relieve some of the pressure and learn how to live better lives.

1. On Being

Host Krista Tippett handles some of life’s biggest questions with theologians, scientists, teachers and artists. In “Why We Contradict Ourselves and Confound Others,” Tippett gathers insights from psychologist Daniel Kahneman about why we act the way we do during “social and political tumult.”

2. The Simple Sophisticate

Host Shannon Ables 178th episode, “Your Unique Journey– How to Navigate it Successfully,” shares six straightforward tips that every person could benefit from. Ables uses quotes from authors, public speakers and advocates to help her listeners lead happier lives. Unfortunately, the Simple Sophisticate includes advertisements right in the middle. Just tune out of those like you do your Spotify ads. Her shows are about 45 minutes each.

3. The Minimalists

Minimalists Joshua Fields and Ryan Nicodemus seek to answer the question of how to live a “meaningful life with less.” The two also have a documentary on Netflix entitled, “Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.” Their podcasts are always between one and two hours and cover topics like shopping, family, media and finances.

4. Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Living Daily, narrated by host Justin Malik, is like a medley of wisdom from several sources. In episode 667, “On Paying Attention,” with Anne deSaussure and Cait Flanders, the audience learns how to stay present and aware. His podcasts are rather short, ranging from six to nine minutes.

5. Good Life Project

Host and author Jonathan Fields describes the Good Life Project podcast as an “inspirational, intimate and disarming-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and meaning-drenched life.” Averaging about 40 minutes, the podcasts include well-known influencers as well as everyday people.