Poor choices have led to a tumultuous tenure in Trump’s early presidential campaign

President Trump has made countless headlines in the past year. (Photo courtesy of lenscap67/Getty Images)

The Oval Office for the President of the United States of America is one of the most distinguished and well-respected establishments in the world; or at least it used to be.

Many esteemed politicians and former war heroes have roamed these halls like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy.

These seven men are known as great presidents for many different reasons and accomplishments they had while in office. However, the current president by the name of Donald Trump may need to win the next big Powerball lottery and give it all away to win back the majority of Democrats and some Republicans in this country.

Two Republican students disagree with me and say he is doing an okay job. Eric Hanson, a senior communication major, and Sterling Bennett, junior sports journalism major, both say that they approve of his economic success and are a fan of his limitations of immigration for safety reasons.

“I don’t like that I have to defend him. It sucks that he’s on my team. He’s doing good things but he says bad stuff,” Hanson said.

Senior psychology major Brensten Lindsey who associates as a Democrat had a different point to make.

“I personally don’t believe that he’s doing a great job,” Lindsey said. “A lot of the things he’s doing is controversial and no, I do not think he is doing a good job.”

Lindsey believes he is hurting the country, that he was not the right choice and regrets America’s choice.

Our current president has never been a politician in any sense of the word. In fact, he has changed his political party at least five times since 1980 from Democrat to Republican to Independent, according to voting records obtained by the Smoking Gun which were in a Washington Post article from June, 16,2015.

Trump is best known for being a TV show host and a failed businessman who had to settle a $25 million lawsuit against his university where students claim they were defrauded.

Trump also failed to show his tax returns numerous times during the campaign like previous candidates before him and is a man who based his whole campaign on disrespect of other candidates with rude nicknames like “Crooked Hillary,” “Little Marco,” or “Lyin’ Ted,” and for inciting violence towards protesters in his campaign rallies by saying “knock the crap out of them.”

Lindsey hopes we can pray for some help with this situation.

“I think the heart of Donald Trump is being shown and we are all getting to see what’s truly on the inside of his heart,” Lindsey said. “That’s definitely somebody we really need to be praying for because seeing all this is definitely hurting us and we just want what’s best for the American people but I don’t what he’s doing is necessary or putting us in a really good position.”

“I think he is definitely hurting,” said Cheyenne Jimenez, sophomore sports journalism major who is a Democrat. “I think the new policies that he’s been implementing are pulling the U.S. back from the rest of the world and the rest of the world is pulling back on us because they’re seeing that we are not as welcoming and as diverse as we once were. … People are feeling less and less welcomed and embraced by Americans than they should be.”

Also, Trump has flat out lied about many things like his inauguration crowd size, lying about Michael Flynn’s actions, and lying about Obamacare’s coverage along with many more lies.

Trump has been a big proponent to a new term called “fake news,” which is a way for him to discredit the media as being sleazy amateurs who do not research or provide enough time to write good articles in a fair and balanced manner. Jimenez was the only interviewee who did not think that fake news existed.

In all honesty, the media did not do an honest or good job of reporting on this last campaign season and this is coming from an aspiring journalist. News outlets gave Trump too much airtime because he was a well-known name with outlandish thoughts and proposed actions if elected.

Bennett thinks he is helping the country but understands why people may be saying the opposite.

“Trump is a very polarizing figure, on both sides. People like him and love him or people hate him. And I don’t think he’s really been given a fair chance to toe a line. I think it’s either you are extremist one-way or extremist the other way,” Bennett said. “But I do think he has done a very good job of saying we have problems in America. We need to fix them and he has done a very good job of blaming both sides when both sides are very much at blame for the issues we have in this country.”

Nowadays, because of the shift in media personalities, we have a white male who is rude and crude to women while also bragging about sexual advances made against them because of his fame and power. This man does not seem very Christian to me or even religious at all, so it is kind of sad if people did vote for him just because it said “Republican” next to his name.

He’s a man who has hired questionable cabinet members like Steve Bannon and Betsy DeVos. Bannon is the executive chairman of Breitbart News, a far-right American news website. DeVos is the Secretary of Education for Trump but she has been in private schools her whole life. Plus, he is a man who has been an advocate for a huge new border wall who was late to criticize the KKK and Neo-Nazis in their rally in Charlottesville on August 12 with his “blame on both sides” comment.

The media removed our chances of having an emotionally stable nominee like John Kasich or Marco Rubio to represent the Republican Party. But instead, we have to settle with an immature president. Trump is immature because he vents his anger out on Twitter as he lashes out against people who taunt him like when he criticizes the media and calls them “fake news” and Trump has shouting matches online with or towards other foreign leaders like North Korea, China, Great Britain and many more.