Nicole Johnson | Staff Writer

While many people are desperately waiting for summer to finally arrive, I can be found sitting content on my couch with a baseball game on. See, I don’t have to wait for summer to roll around for a relief from school because my relief comes when baseball season starts.

Yes, I’m the person who has a countdown with my family of “how many more days till season?” and a special family dinner when that day finally comes. Yes, I wear my team’s shirt around the house on game day. Right now, baseball is helping me forget that I have finals coming up and lots of final projects. Even having the game on in the background while I’m doing homework is relaxing for me.

Let me tell you why you should try to soak in as much baseball as you can this spring and summer.

1) Baseball is said to be “America’s sport.”

While football and basketball fans may dispute that it’s a slower game, nothing compares to the strategy needed in baseball.

2) In order to really appreciate baseball this season, you should actually go to the games.

Watching it in the comfort of your home in pajamas is great (plus, the excitement of instant replay). But, physically being in the stands while watching your favorite team is the best feeling. Everyone is there to support your favorite team and the atmosphere is exciting. It’s great being able to wear a jersey to represent your team and cheer for every hit. And it’s even better when you win.

3) You should love baseball because of the traditions.

By that, I mean how the National Anthem is played before every game, how everyone stands for the seventh inning stretch, and how the MLB takes the time to recognize players’ accomplishments.  Jackie Robinson was honored this past Saturday. These things bring people together.
Do yourself a favor and go see a baseball game this summer. Even nosebleed tickets, take it all in; you get a full view of the field. Food at baseball stadiums always seems to be ten times better than food anywhere else and who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat cheesy nachos and hot dogs? Even if you’re not a baseball fan or don’t have a team that you love, a day at the ballpark can make your summer memorable.