Chloe’ Bagley | Staff Writer

In light of this season’s “Super Bloom,” I decided to set out last weekend and find the colors of spring time in all their glory. It’s difficult to find a better place than the ever-popular Carlsbad Flower Fields to experience this eruption of color.  

In 1965, Edwin Frazee moved his father’s small ranunculus crop to its current location in Carlsbad. The property was owned by the Ecke Family and Paul Ecke Jr. worked with Frazee to help keep his business alive. The two believed in sharing their beautiful flower farm with others and later decided to open the fields to the public.

This year the fields are open from March 1 through May 14 and offer a variety of attractions.  Parking is free and the cost of admission is $14 for adults and $7 for children.

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The Antique Wagon Rides are $5 for adults and $3 for children. This is a great way to get the full experience of the fields for those who do not wish to make the trek around the property.

Sitting on over 50 acres, The Flowers Fields showcase the beautiful ranunculus flower. Although you are not allowed to walk through the flower rows themselves, there are plenty of walkways surrounding as well as dividing the crop for visitors to get a colorful view.

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The flowers are displayed in an organized array of 13 colors. This includes white, pink, yellow, dark purple, fuschia, and orange. The fields also feature a specially cultivated color called picotee; a petal with a patchy mix of colors.

The flowers grown on site in Carlsbad are known as the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus. Originally a single petal flower, the Ranunculus has been cultivated into the beautiful, full flower the fields exhibit today.

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There are plenty of spots to stop and take pictures. Easily accessible by walkways are various photo props like tractors and benches that give visitors the opportunity to feel snap pictures that look like they are walking through the rows of flowers.

Although The Flower Fields themselves are attraction enough, the lemonade stands accompanied by various food stands, the beautiful rose garden and orchid greenhouse made the visit all the more enjoyable. The hour and a half drive from Azusa Pacific to Carlsbad was well worth an afternoon spent amongst the rows of beautiful ranunculus.