Joshua D. Guilas | Staff Writer

The Christmas season is coming and fast. In the rush to finish everything up, my house is now decked out in holiday cheer and the image of Christmas is ready for everyone to see. All that is missing is the Christmas tree…which I am not entirely sure when it will come. Our family uses an artificial tree and we have certain plans over the weekend. However, it is clear if one were to step into the house, they would see that Christmas is all around the household!


Stockings are strung around the chimney. We might not expect to see old St. Nick coming to our house anytime soon, but it is still nice to see them.


Four poles for four Santa Hats. Let’s not forget the evergreens strewn about the staircase as well. It has a good look to it. There is also a poinsettias next to a cute vase. Who doesn’t like that image?


Festive ribbons on the chairs along with some fake mistletoe. A rather nice and nostalgic image all things considered.


Around the mirror is a few green evergreens and ribbons. A gracious and good image. It’s almost like a wreath that one can look into.


In the kitchen, we can see a poinsettias strewn along a plant. Let’s not forget a plate portraying a wreath saying “Merry Christmas.” Ignore the chicken though.