Homecoming weekend offered numerous activities for students to do with family and friends, including the homecoming student dance in UTCC.

This year’s homecoming dance was Olympic-themed and organized by senior marketing major Jimmy Brown.

The university staff decided on the theme at their retreat, which took place as the Olympics aired. Communiversity hoped to take the unity they felt at their retreat in light of the Olympics to APU at the dance.

Zulympics was one of two dances set up by Communiversity and the Campus Life Crew (CLC), a group of freshmen students who assist in organizing events.

“I got involved with Communiversity during my freshman year and applied for the special events internship and got in. I continued to do that throughout college and this year as well,” Brown said.

The homecoming dance was filled with students representing every country, but the American flag colors reigned as a majority among the crowd.

“I really liked the theme; it was pretty broad so you had a lot to choose from. Me and my friends went in athletic Olympian-themed gear and loved being comfortable the whole night. I’d say switching up the theme is the best thing to do, I wouldn’t want the same theme every year,” senior business marketing major Emily Reeves said.

Zulympics also had a face painting station and an obstacle course set up in an additional room. The fastest time in the obstacle course would also win a pair of tickets to Les Femmes.

On the other side of UTCC, a Rockstar station was set up giving out free Rockstar energy drinks and waters. Right beside the station was a photo booth with props for students to use in their pictures.

“[UTCC is] a good space that we can do a lot to. There’s different ways to set up the room and the built in sound system sounds great and is already set up, making it easier for the DJ,” Brown said.

Senior business management major Josh Azevedo said he loved the music selection the DJ played.

“It mixed good together and kept everyone dancing,” Azevedo said.

If students want to get involved in Communiversity events or help in any way, the office is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday inside the Cougar Dome. Applications for internships are also being accepted until winter break.

The next Communiversity event is Les Femmes on Friday, Nov. 18 and will be held at the Los Angeles Union Station.