The Door of Discussion serves as an outlet for students to post, write and announce their personal concerns about issues, which trend from prayer requests to monologues on social issues and offer APU a chance to assess them as a student body. This year, the Student Government Association (SGA) is utilizing the Door of Discussion to allow students to anonymously voice their campus-related suggestions, concerns and thoughts.

In the past, SGA has relied on their suggestion boxes outside of their office to receive feedback from the student body, but found that this method intimidated those who did not want to be seen as they wrote down their concerns. Since the Door of Discussion is a place where most students feel comfortable talking about their experiences or thoughts, SGA has decided to use that space to place their suggestion boxes.

“We monitor the door to ensure that appropriate and respectful speech is used during conversations or statements shared,” SGA’s Director of Communications Sarah Brackbill said. “It is our hope and expectation that all students utilize the SGA comment, concern and suggestion box.”

Though SGA hasn’t received any responses yet, Hadasa Castro, SGA’s multicultural senator, would like to see students continue on in their conversation about diversity on campus and how it is being accepted among the student body.

“This year, I’m working towards a campaign to raise awareness for cultural appropriation. I would like to see whether the student body knows or thinks about it, whether they know something of it, if they think it’s non-existent or if they think we need to raise more awareness,” Castro said.

Senior social work major Jamilah Relf said she has found this space useful in the development of the institution.

“I believe being able to comfortably and freely share on the Door of Discussion is important to students,” Relf said.

In addition to the new placement of SGA’s suggestion box, students are also given the opportunity to take advantage of dropping by their office to talk to a representative, emailing, utilizing the direct message option on their Instagram (@APUSGA) or commenting on their website at