Let’s face it, college students need the right kind of tools to traverse their college years successfully. Between the all nighters, the papers and the class projects, we could all use a couple of tools that can help us organize our work and time management. Maybe we need help watching our budget for the semester, and a good discount deal is never turned down. Whatever the case, here are a few noteworthy smartphone apps that can help you de-stress and give you a push through the rest of the semester.

Apple Music: Apple Music recently added student memberships to their selection of subscriptions. Now only $4.99 monthly for university students as opposed to $9.99, Apple Music provides a student discount for college students for up to four years.

UniDays: If you’re a bit strapped for cash and need to find good deals on quality brands, then the UniDays app is for you! UniDays has promotions, discounts, and coupons on all kinds of clothing, food, technology, and more. It was specifically made with college students in mind.

Uconnection: This app helps you find special college dining deals for you in your area. Everybody could use a little bit more help with the cost of eating out.

Kruue: Find your university Kruue code and get deals for nearby businesses approved by other students. Deals presented through the app are sure to be relevant to your campus.

RetailMeNot: Get coupons on your favorite retail brands and save them for a later time. You can even use the app in person at the business of your choice.

RoverTown: Follow your favorite local businesses through their student discount program. Instead of showing your college ID, simply use the app on your phone to get your discount in person.

Any.do: For help organizing your priorities into a to-do list, Any.do is the app that will help you with your organizational issues with ease.

Scribd: Welcome to the largest online library. Organize articles, documents, and books that you need by topic. Create your own personal library and share it with your friends.

Cliffnotes: For tips and pointers on literature, Cliffnotes is the place to go.

Mathway: Mathway is the mobile app that can help you in your mathematical endeavors and equations. It helps with equations from algebra level and above.

iTunes U: Hear lectures on various academic topics from the top universities in the nation for free.

Studious: Never forget the time and date of another quiz, exam or homework assignment again. Enter your class schedule into the app and it will remind you about all the important things you need to take care of for your next class session.

Viber: If you are an out-of-state student, Viber can help you stay in touch with loved ones back home. Viber helps you make free calls, along with sharing your photos, videos and news with them anytime.

DuoLingo: DuoLingo is a great tool for students who are studying a different language by helping you prepare for your exams or your vocabulary terms.

Lemon Wallet: If you ever lose your wallet, Lemon Wallet can help you get easy access to identity theft prevention, find your wallet and even become your mobile wallet.