Though Hovsep Chaparian lost the election for Student Government Association (SGA) president for the 2016-17 school year, he reentered the race and won one of three university senator positions.

“I’d rather win than not,” the junior business economics major said.

Chaparian has grown accustomed to holding leadership positions on campus. For the past academic year, he has been president of both the debate team and the Armenian Club.

Alongside Chaparian, Nick Ramos and Jacqueline Gonzalez will serve as university senators. The student leaders will work to connect the student body to the Offices of Orientation and Transition, Housing, Auxiliary and University Libraries.

Ramos, a freshman economics major, said one of his objectives is to work on issues of diversity and race relations on campus, utilizing his experience as a multi-ethnic leadership scholar.

Ramos plans to work with Hadasa Castro, the multi-ethnic senator, to achieve his goals regarding diversity.

Ramos said he is aware of the responsibility his position entails.

“Whenever an issue comes up on campus, SGA must take action upon it,” Ramos said.

Gonzalez, a sophomore accounting major, said she plans to go into office with an open mind and wants to be present and engaged with all of the offices she works with.

“I don’t want to make any promises I can’t keep, but I will strive to maintain the best relationship between the offices and the student body,” Gonzalez said.

Alexis Leich, senior political science major and one of the current university senators, said the position has given her useful skills and experience.

“The greatest thing that I have learned is how to communicate well and do that professionally,” Leich said.

Leich was put into office as a freshman when the residing senator quit half way through the year.

“I learned that I had to step up, and my team needed me,” she said.

She advises new SGA senators to be present and maintain a good work ethic.

“Show up and work hard. Be on time. Just be there,” Leich said.

In addition to the university senator positions, five other students were elected. Tabitha Parker will be academic senator, Hadasa Castro will be multi-cultural senator, Olivia Gozal will be international senator, Kelsey Motyl will be transfer senator and Angela Meadows will be Azusa senator.