Katelyn Montalvo | Contributing Writer



A giant disco ball illuminates full beards, horn rimmed glasses, prairie skirts, and worn oxfords, all turning and twisting to whateverbeat or bop maybe blasting through the speakers at the moment. Echo Park is not only home to thousands of hipsters within the Los Angeles area, but to The Echo, one of the hottest, and by hottest I mean quirkiest, venues in LA.

The Echo is located at 1822 w. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 in downtown Echo Park. The venue focuses on new and upcoming music, featuring such artists as our very own Azusa natives, The Wild Reeds, who opened for Dublin based band, Little Green Cars, on Monday.

Don’t know these bands? Check ‘em out! Any lover of music should go to The Echo with an open heart and open ears. The atmosphere at The Echo is welcoming and supportive of all types of music.

“I don’t think anyone in the crowd expected us. Folks kept walking up all night with joyfully confused faces saying, “Wait… You’re from LA?” and “Wow, I didn’t expect to hear great music from an opener, but that was really moving!” It was really encouraging,” said Kenzie Lee, member of The Wild Reeds.

If indie concerts aren’t really your thing, don’t fret! The Echo is also home to a random assortment of other events, such as Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater and Homeboy Storytelling. Just make sure and check their calendar online for upcoming events, because there are different

The Wild Reeds

The Wild Reeds

However, if you find yourself at The Echo on a Saturday night make sure you have your dancing shoes on, because Funky Sole presents a 70’s funk dance club. Get there before 10:30 and get in for free.ones every week.

“I walked in and danced for 5 hours straight without stopping,” said senior Business major, Jenny Waugaman. She explains how the music went into her soul and took control of her limbs and she just couldn’t stop shake’n and quake’n.

Shows and events range in age requirement from all ages to 21 and up, so make sure and check the calendar before you make the trip out to LA.