The seniors made their last home game worth it.

The 1-0 victory of the men’s soccer team from APU brought a new hope to the players. This is due to the talent and skills that the APU men’s soccer team demonstrated despite one of their players receiving a red card. Nearly 424 spectators were present at the game, with many cheerleading alongside the APU Men’s Soccer Team. Senior Jonah Peck scored the only goal that led to APU’s victory for the night. The goal was scored in the 46th minute of the game, barely after the second half’s kickoff.

There were about 15 fouls in the night’s game. APU received six fouls while Fresno got nine. Even though APU got less fouls, one of their players received a red card in the 32nd minute of the match. This meant that APU needed to relentlessly concentrate in the game. The suspension of a player from APU was detrimental at first glance, nevertheless, that did not stop the cougar team from advancing to the next game. 

Peck’s goal, a low shot that defeated the goalkeeper’s right side of the post, was assisted by freshman Marco Astorga. While Astorga was on the Fresno defense side, Peck’s near vicinity was enough to drill the ball to the right post. This score was Peck’s first at a home game.

Here are some statistics of the game’s performance. APU scored 1 goal while Fresno Pacific could not. About eight shots were produced from Fresno; APU produced 14. APU had four shots to the goal, while Fresno had just three shots. Both goalies racked up three saves. The corner kicks were produced more by Fresno throughout the whole game, with about eight corner kicks from their team. Meanwhile, APU only completed four corner kicks in total. 

APU’s goalkeeper demonstrated his skills of blocking several shots to his territory. Senior Brendan Fix made several saves during the last half hour of the match. Fix blocked a header from eight yards out that would equalize the score. Fortunately, Fix demonstrated his talents of blocking several shots from the Fresno team. His performance led APU’s victory at the end of the game. Three saves were recorded for Fix’s fourth shutout of the season and the 11th for his entire career. 

Coach Blomquit won 150 games throughout his career with the APU Men’s Soccer Team. This record sets a positive representation. APU is one of the only teams to have a chance to win the conference championship if they defeat Biola on Saturday’s next game. This will mean that APU could reach their third consecutive PacWest championship victory since 2018. Before the game on Thursday, the soccer team honored 13 senior members of the team. 

APU Men’s Soccer team has now won their last four seasons with 52 games and 82 goals. 

It is up to APU Men’s Soccer Team to win against Biola for their next game. If APU wins, they will reach the PacWest Championship title. If Biola wins or tie, they will take that honor for themselves and be declared the winner of the match.