It deserves to be the most talked-about awards show.

Awards season comes and goes every year for movies, yet all eyes and ears are on one show in particular: the Academy Awards, better known as the Oscars. Due to the hype around the Oscars, one awards show is lacking the attention it deserves. 

I’m talking about the Golden Globes, of course. Despite being around for 78 years, the show has been labelled as one thing: an indicator for how the Oscars will potentially turn out. This stigma has reflected in the difference in popularity between the two, as the Oscars have had higher ratings for the last five years. 

TheOscars have gone on for 93 years as opposed to the 78 years the Golden Globes have existed. But does seniority and legacy automatically mean the Oscars deserves more attention than the Globes? Not when the Oscars are  a worse awards show.

Even in its simplest form, the Golden Globes outdoes the Oscars. While the Oscars covers a wide range of categories for movie awards, the Globes covers both movies and TV shows. 

Granted, the Globes don’t have as many categories as the Oscars for movies, but they have the categories that people care about: Best Actor/Actress, Best Picture, etc. A large portion of the audience checks out during the Oscars because they don’t care who wins “Best Cinematography.” 

The Golden Globes also allows more films, actors, actresses and directors to be nominated for certain awards. The Oscars have three categories for Best Picture: the standard “Best Picture” award, Best Animated Film and Best International Film. The Globes, on the other hand, have different categories for different genres of film and television. This allows all parties involved in different types of movies and shows to have a higher chance of being nominated, and by extension, winning. 

Very frequently, there have been Oscar nomination snubs, as certain actors might not be nominated. Last year, favorites for Best Actor were Eddie Murphy for “Dolemite is My Name,” Leonardo DiCaprio for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” Joaquin Phoenix for “Joker” and Adam Driver for “Marriage Story.” 

Fans liked the diversity and talent of each actor in the lineup, and all actors were nominated for a Golden Globe. In fact, the Globes went even further and nominated young Roman Griffin Davis for his lead role in “Jojo Rabbit.” The Globes showed that they weren’t afraid to nominate anyone they thought was good, and it frequently lines up with the opinions of the people.

When Murphy wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, fans were outraged. Other nomination snubs included Awkwafina’s role in “The Farewell” —she won at the Globes— and Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers.” Once again, the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite began trending on Twitter due to the lack of representation in the nominations.

I’m not saying that not being white should automatically make you a nominee, nor do I think the Oscars and the Globes should have the same exact results. However, I do agree that Murphy, Lopez and Awkwafina were all snubbed of a nomination that they deserved, and while the Globes gave it to Murphy and Awkwafina, the Oscars didn’t even give them a mention.

Everyone’s new favorite thing to do is trash the Oscars for its lack of diversity and talk about how the movies nominated are movies they’ve never heard of. Yet, it’s still the most popular awards show in the country because these people are still watching the show. 

If you don’t like something, don’t watch it. Watching the Oscars while simultaneously hating on them is just giving them more power. Why waste your time and attention on something that makes your blood boil when the Globes are better?

The Globes have diverse nominations. The Globes have deserving nominations and winners. They have fun celebrity appearances and performances, and don’t waste your time on categories you had no clue were a thing. If you want  real action, watch the Globes, not the Oscars.

Not to mention the live guests at the Globes get to eat and enjoy the show. Come on, folks. Free food and dope shows? Golden Globes all the way.