The Governor has demonstrated hypocrisy time and time again. 

Through multiple lockdowns issued in the state of California under Governor Gavin Newsom’s authority, Newsom has repeatedly made mistakes that have damaged the overall well-being of the state and consistently shown why he is not fit to lead California. 

As cases of COVID-19 were reportedly rising in every state across the U.S. in March 2020, governors across the country scrambled to implement countermeasures and acquire the necessary supplies to combat the spread of the virus. Californian governor, Gavin Newsom, was among the first of many governors to issue stay at home orders for their entire state back in March. Newsom was praised and applauded for his decisive action in an attempt to flatten the curve of rising cases of coronavirus. 

Throughout the duration of the virus, many Californians have begun rallying for the recall of the governor. Personally, I do not believe he is fit to lead the state. There have been countless blunders under his authority, and below I will list the most significant missteps during his time in office.

First, thousands of small business owners across the state have complained that the orders are overly restrictive and have dramatically affected many businesses’ ability to operate and function properly, ultimately killing a plethora of small businesses. 

Killing small businesses will not help the economy, considering that they make up 99.8% of businesses in California and employ 48.8% of the state’s population. Despite claiming these countermeasures are in the interest of the public, he has stripped millions of Californians away from their jobs and ability to make money.

Gov. Newsom has threatened to withhold funds from counties that do not comply with state mandates. This has caused sheriffs from multiples counties like Orange, Riverside and San Bernandino to actively rebel against the Governours’ orders, declaring these orders to infringe on the rights of the people. 

“Ironically, it wasn’t that long ago our same Governor loudly and publicly argued how wrong it was for the President of the United States to withhold federal funding from states not complying with federal laws,” Sheriff Bianco stated in a press release video.

As if state law enforcement doesn’t have enough to deal with from Newsom, crime has also skyrocketed under his reign. His controversial decision of shutting down state prisons and releasing felons earlier than scheduled has caused thousands of inmates to be released back into a world ravaged by the coronavirus. 

This leaves many of these newly released inmates to be without services to rebuild their lives and are more likely to commit crimes again. It seems that Gov. Newsom is progressing towards putting millions of felons out of jobs and on the streets.

On top of hurting the rehabilitation of felons, the governor has no respect for Californians or his own orders. After ordering the third lockdown on the state of California in November and urging residents not to meet up with family and friends for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, Newsom was photographed attending an indoor dining party. 

The Desert Review reports this: “Newsom abused his authority by changing state law in violation of the California Constitution during the COVID-19 pandemic. Judge Sarah Heckman’s final ruling places a permanent injunction against the governor which prevents him from unilaterally making or changing state law moving forward. The Court also denied Newsom’s request to delay the enforcement of the decision.” 

It becomes clear Gov. Newsom is not only willing to ignore his own orders but also willing to violate our own state Constitution to enforce those orders, which infringes on the rights of all Californians.  

Gov. Newsom has also garnered opposition from spiritual leaders. Spiritual leaders and pastors across the state have spoken out against his restrictions on church gatherings and worship. 

In order to prevent the spread of the virus through large groups, Newsom ordered the churches to close their doors. However, many church leaders claim these restrictions damage the community, as they depend on the church for communal gatherings, spiritual leadership and charitable contributions. 

Gov. Newsom has announced his plans to run for President in 2024. But after the way he has conducted himself in California, he is clearly not a person fit to run the entire country. He has infringed on the rights of the people, abused his power, selfishly ignored his own orders and ultimately has not served the state of California. Over 1 million people have signed the petition to recall Gov. Newsom, and if you care about California, you should too.