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These fashion crazes will have you reshaping both your wardrobe and your makeup routine.

Celebrities and influencers use their platforms for multiple reasons: advertising, advice, lifestyle, and the list goes on. One reason these personalities use social media is to show off the latest fashion trends that they often set. 

Here’s the scoop on what’s new this February:


Social media influencer Emma Chamberlain is known for using her platform on Youtube, Instagram and TikTok to express her style. Her quirky personality pairs perfectly with her unique style. Right now, it’s all about the color combos and knowing when to mix the so-called “modern” look with the “retro”


Chamberlain’s most recent Instagram posts show her sporting a relaxed and edgy look. On the left, she pairs an oversized, cropped tee with a wide-open neckline and red slouch pants. On the right, we see a pair of Dr. Martens platform shoes, black straight-leg denim jeans and a cropped tee paired with a brown leather jacket. 

Pairing a tight fit on top with a loose fit on bottom will provide contrast in a fun way. The game of fashion is constantly evolving. Influencers make sure to wear the trendiest items. Chamberlain opts for a more flared hemline jean and pant rather than the typical skinny jean that was once popular in 2010.  

Other current winter trends include denim jackets and flattering crewnecks. One specific look is the tennis skirt trend. On Instagram, influencers are sporting some sort of tennis skirt, from classic, thigh-skimming, pleated numbers to sleek, logo-embossed, a-line designs. The crew neck with a collar paired with a tennis skirt and white Nike Air Force 1 shoes gives off a 50s vibe. 


TikTok is a major outlet for makeup trends and tutorials. One popular fad circling TikTok is the trend of undereye bags. While this may seem odd to those who have naturally sunken in eyes, the trend is everywhere. Whether you choose to create your false eyebag look from scratch or accentuate the ones you already have, there’s no denying that eyebags are becoming a normal part of people’s makeup looks. 

TikTok user Saramarie Carstens first acknowledged the trend back in December. In her viral video that now has 1.2 million likes, she appears to be using a thick lip crayon to swipe under her eyes and create eye bags. 

              Saramarie Carstens creating the undereye bag look

At the beginning of this year, makeup artist and influencer  James Charles shared his tips and tricks for the perfect winged eyeliner, which aims to create a gender-neutral look. 

In his tutorial titled “GuyLiner” Charles said, “Makeup is all about expressing yourself and trying new things, and most importantly, making you feel confident.” While many are embracing the guyliner look, some are still working up the courage to be bold. 

James Charles is leading the charge to encourage others to be creative with their eyeliner looks. Pictured above, Charles created a bold eyeliner look by coloring both the top and bottom corners of the eye, and adding a jagged edge to the bottom to emphasize the dramatic look. 


Bring on the shag. Towards the end of 2020, multiple celebrities were caught cutting their hair, in a super shaggy cut. Actress Debby Ryan posted a picture of her shaggy new look in November, attracting a lot of attention and becoming a trend.

In an article by Harper’s BAZAAR, writer Sam Neibart took to listing the top predictable hairstyles of 2021. Ryan’s look was at the top.  

Along with Debby Ryan’s shag you will see bangs. They’re making a comeback. . Bangs have been around for ages, which is why it isn’t surprising that people are jumping back into the classic 60s bangs look. Fashion model Winnie Harlow can be seen sporting the retro look below. 

Straight across bangs paired with soft layers around the face will draw attention directly to the eyes. For those looking to spice up their style and add an accent to their face, these bangs are a trend that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Fashion is all about confidence, so you can rock these looks too!  


A specific statement that is coming back in the accessories department are rings.  Think of the whimsical Phoebe Buffay from “Friends.” With rings sitting on almost all her fingers, she pulled off an exotic style that many try to replicate today. 

Notice the layering of rings and the color combos. 

There are plenty of ring styles to choose from, but discovering rings that reflect your style is imperative. If you’re attracted to minimalist fashion, choose small, delicate rings that emphasize clean lines. If you prefer something more dramatic, go for designs that are more daring and different.


Another accessory to consider is a purse or handbag, as you can never go wrong with a statement bag. The new two-dimensional handbag shape is flashy and trending right now. With its resemblance to that of a thin paper filing folder, this flat handbag is sure to make a sleek piece of arm candy. 

Social media will show you celebrities and models wearing particular brands and colors; it’s up to you to choose how you style your fit. Think about what you like best and go for it. 

Whether it’s clothing, makeup, hair or accessories, fashion is a fun way to express yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and give these new trends a try!