Major blockbusters are coming out this year, but you’ll either be watching them from your couch or in a state where they allow you to sit on a reclining chair in theaters. 

If you didn’t know, blockbuster movies are rolling out quickly after being on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic. Lately, it seems we have caught up on the new episodes, started new series, and now movies are on the list to catch up on. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max and so much more are releasing new movies that were supposed to be shown in theaters. 

There seems to be an upside to watching movies from the comfort of our homes, but  movies have suffered from not being shown in theaters. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of major blockbuster movies that will be shown on streaming services or theaters. 


A Quiet Place II (September 17, 2021) 

A Quiet Place II is expected to premiere in theaters on September 17, 2021, but has been postponed for the third time due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was orginally supposed to be released in March 2020and was postponed to April 23, 2021. This pushback could create issues andit depends on how the pandemic will continue on moving forward. The movie has the potential to be pushed back again. 

It seems as though this plan won’t work well for it to be released in theaters because it keeps being pushed back for later dates. We have no control over the coronavirus pandemic, and it is tough to say when we will be able to go into theaters and enjoy a film. 


Black Widow (May 7, 2021) 

Black Widow was scheduled to be released last May and now is set to premiere in theaters Miay 2021. Scarlett Johansson, who plays Black Widow, will have her first solo flick after appearing in all Marvel movies. The movie was expected to follow in Mulan’s steps by releasing the movie on Disney+. However, the studio wanted Black Widow to receive a theatrical experience. 

It could be beneficial if the film was released on Disney+ but purchasing it has its cons. Mulan was released on Disney+ Premier Access for $29.99, and many people do not want to pay for premier access. If Black Widow is to be released in theaters, it would likely receive a significant box office profit just like Marvel movies normally do. 


Godzilla vs. Kong (March 31, 2021) 

Godzilla vs. Kong is the wild monster rematch that you probably didn’t know you needed to see, as the two iconic monsters will face off to see who will be left standing. It has been announced that the film will be released in theaters but will stream on HBO Max with no additional fee

This film seems to have a pretty good plan that will make sure their audience is able to watch the movie, either in theaters or on HBO Max with no additional fee, but you only have 30 days to stream. This is the best way because it is convenient for families who can’t make it to theaters. 

The Suicide Squad, Fast & Furious 9, Morbius, Dune, The Matrix 4, Candyman, and more are expected to be released in theaters or streaming services. Be on the lookout for these movies to see how they will be released.