Responses from my Instagram users about how people generally feel about this year and its outcome


I asked my Instagram followers to send me a photo with the expression they make when they think of the word “2020” from my personal account, @siennajanez. I also asked them to send me 5 words that they would use to describe 2020 and received a lot of colorful responses.














The first one on the far left below is my personal favorite, an APU student photoshopped herself into Jesus’s arms, portraying that Jesus was holding her during 2020. The center one, sent me a photo with the dizzy black and white filter, showing how she felt dizzy during the year. 

These last three submissions are also very characteristic of 2020. The first being a clown filter because this year has been filled with clowning. The second is a perfect representation of what’s been going on physically and mentally, ‘CHAOS’ has in fact ensued. The last one, well, I  think we have all felt this way at some point during this year. 

I also asked my followers to send me 5 words that they would use to describe 2020. And their responses made me laugh and nod my head:

These responses were simply, ‘unanimous’, in their feeling and mood. I didn’t preface this saying, send me how terrible you think this year was. No, not at all, and no one could see each other’s responses. They just all unanimously felt the same way. And what does that say about everyone’s general mental health? I would say we’re all dealing with depression and anxiety about the unknown, and the losses we have all encountered this year. What’s important to take away from this is that you are not alone in your feelings, and to look out for those around you. Try and share love and positivity wherever you go because you know that everyone is going through it right now.