Sometimes, it’s best to just have a laugh.

All images are credited to @overmemedatapu

Sometimes, life is tough, and this year has been a mess. So, we get through our days with perseverance, optimism and laughter. 

If you’re like me, you use humor as a source of comfort. Finding memes has been a convenient way of bringing a little bit of joy amidst these hard times.  

Luckily, I came across @overmemedatapu, an Instagram page filled with memes about Azusa Pacific. I knew I was bound to laugh at one of their 196 posts. I had so much fun on this page that I created a top ten list of my personal favorite memes to remind us of the iconic and hilarious things that we miss about our school. Hopefully, these get you to crack a smile.


Without a doubt, this is the most relatable meme on @overmemdatapu. As an online student from Hawaii, I’m two hours behind Pacific time. This means that all of my 9 a.m. classes have become 7 a.m. classes. I am not a morning person, so I often look like the second Squidward in this meme. Thank goodness you can turn your camera off on Zoom.


When I was on-campus, Grubhub saved me a good amount of time. Last year, my friends and I played a game where you were given a target to “kill” by shooting a rubber band at them. The catch was that someone else targeted you as well, and you didn’t know who it was. In order to avoid being shot, I would sprint out of chapel on West campus and order my lunch on Grubhub as I was heading to East campus. Once I got to East campus, my food was ready, and I lived to fight another day. As the meme implies: I. Am. Speed.


This is hilarious because we all know this person. If you don’t, you probably are that person. Yes, chapel is required at APU. This doesn’t stop people from skipping them until they hit their standard ten-absence limit. Eventually, you have a friend or two asking to save you a spot in Kaleo because they can’t miss another chapel. Don’t even get me started on online chapel. Thankfully, I set an alarm to remind me to watch those.


I miss a lot about living on campus. I miss my friends, the interactions, the food and the fellowship. I do not miss APU Wi-Fi. If I had a dollar for every time APU Wi-Fi crashed on me the hour an assignment was due, I’d have enough to pay off my tuition. So, one upside of online school is not having to deal with Wi-Fi that acts like Spongebob.


I don’t think I need to explain this one much. The Kaleo logo looks as though it was inspired by Kleenex. This is Kaleo! The chapel with the highest energy! It’s ironic that it relates to something people use when they need to cry. Maybe it’s a sponsorship?


In 2020, hope has become a bit ironic. Back in June, APU sent an email to students saying they would allow students to live on campus. However, with California having the second-highest Covid-19  case count in the nation, it was obvious why the plans were halted a week later. Fast forward to the fall semester, and we were all waiting in anticipation for an announcement. Now, we’ve received a new announcement. The announcement hurt, but that won’t stop me from laughing to ease the pain.


Dining points are a blessing for many students at APU. Frequently, they help students get food as the name of the currency implies. However, dining points do not carry over to the next semester. So, the end of the semester means seeing students try to spend all of their dining points before break because they don’t want to waste money. This can lead to on-campus stores, like Paws N’ Go, completely selling out and an increase in traffic flow in campus eateries. Students are literally shoveling food into their mouths.


When it comes to memes about APU, the phrase “Ring by Spring” comes to mind almost immediately. The stereotype that couples meet at APU and get married in the spring of either their junior or senior year has become a running joke. Funnily enough, my parents went to APU and got engaged in spring … weird.


I’m not a senior yet, but I was experiencing this after the first month of my freshman year. I know faces. But names? No way. Thanos hit it on the nose with his reaction. I can only imagine the freshman meeting their online Alpha Group friends once school is in person.


This one has no personal connection to me. I just find memes about loneliness hilarious. Being stuck in the friendzone at APU, when there are way more girls than guys must hurt. But it’s okay — give it a year or two and the girls will be ready for a ring by spring. 

Those are some of the funniest memes I found on @overmemedatapu. I had to cut a few out to make sure my list was appropriate for publication, and the fact that I still managed to find ten memes is a testament to how funny the page is. Their page puts a smile on my face. Maybe it’ll put a smile on yours, too.