A playlist to help process the election, school and everything else happening in the world

There are many factors this month that have caused our anxiety levels to rise. With finals approaching, the political climate and a global pandemic, it is easy to feel lost in the chaos around us. Here is a curated list of entire albums and songs to help offer some peace of mind. 

Albums for when you feel anxious:

“Restoration” By Lecrae

After two years since his last full album, Lecrae returned with another project that dealt with mental health, racism and faith. With tracks such as “Self Discovery” and “Restore Me,” the Atlanta legend uses his platform to process the issues in today’s society.  

“Catch” By Peter CottonTale

With an all-star list of features including Kirk Franklin, PJ Morton and Chance the Rapper, the Chicago-based producer gives his own interpretation of gospel music. Utilizing his supporting cast, he was able to create tracks “Pray For Real” and “Forever Always” that capture the essence of his unique artistry.

“TIL THE END” By Sharp Dialect

In their debut project the Southern Californian duo give their audience vulnerable lyrics and catchy melodies. From rap in “Let You Down” to ambient “Ghost and Goblins,” Sharp Dialect proves they are not limited to any genre. 

“No, I’m not ok” By Jay-Way

The talented Dutch artist uses his EP as an open diary to be vulnerable about mental health. With songs  “Diary” and “No, I’m Not Ok”  as well as an unplugged version of the project, Jay-Way’s varying sound is reminiscent of Nirvana and Ms. Lauryn Hill.

Power Perfect“ By Kings Kaleidoscope

The collective from Seattle arrived with their first  EP in over a year with energy and innovation. With unique sounds and vulnerable lyrics such as “You give what you’ve got and you get what you need/ You want what you got but you need to be free/ You get what you want when you give and receive.” Frontman Chad Gardner accompanied by poet Propaganda delivers a collaboration with high replay value.

“180” By Aha Gazelle

Released in the first week of 2020, the Louisana-native curated a project that intersects his faith with the human condition. Tracks, “Balloons” and “Choices” lead the way for the mixtape with hypnotic melodies and discussing his battle with conformity.  

Songs for when you feel stressed:

“Streetcar” By Daniel Caesar

In his own rendition of Kanye West’s “Streetlights,” Daniel Caesar gives his soulful flair to this reflective song. With the chorus singing, “All these street lights/ glowing/ happen to be/ Just like moments passing in front of me/ So I hopped in the cab and I paid my fare/ See I know my destination/ I’m just not there” it is a great track to help ease your anxiety.”

“Crooked Smile” By J Cole ft TLC

The Dreamville rappers 2014 accompanied by the legendary group TLC gives listeners a timeless track. With powerful verses from Cole and TLC hook belting, “You were the one that was tryna keep me way down/ But like the sun/ know you know I find my way back round,” this song gives listeners a powerful message about self-love.

“To Zion” By Ms. Lauryn Hill ft Carlos Santana

With the song opening with “One day, I’m gonna understand…” Ms. Lauryn Hill sets the tone for a vulnerable song about her love for her first-born child Zion. With Carlos Santana delivering with his guitar, the duo create a piece of music that is simply beautiful.

“Soul Ties Interlude” By Starringo

In his mixtape “Succession” with Aha Gazelle, the fellow Louisiana artist delivers a vulnerable verse for the intermission of the project. With the interlude concluding with, “I don’t feel like everybody needs to hear the word sometimes they need ’em a friend,” the track gives a much needed perspective on how we view others that are different from us.

“Neither Here Nor There” By Tobi Lou

The genre-less artist dropped an introspective ballad during the middle of the difficult quarantine season. With a melodic chorus repeating, “I won’t let you down like the summer did” Tobi Lou helps process the disappointment and let down we had this year.

Landslide” By Oh Wonder

In 2015, Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht gave us the timeless indie classic “Landslide.”.With the chorus proclaiming, “So when you’re caught in a landslide/ I’ll be there for you/ I’ll be there for you/ And in the rain/ give you sunshine/ I’ll be there for you/ I’ll be there for you” it is a great song to process the stress of this season.