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We may be headed in the direction of SpaceX’s commercial spaceflight.

When it comes to sci-fi movies, it’s nearly impossible to not mention outer space. Battles with futuristic weapons and exploring new worlds with different landscapes all add to the theme of space films. While humanity is far from complete space exploration, it’s becoming more of a reality due to the rising interest of commercial spaceflight.

Commercial spaceflight is exactly what it sounds like: commercially-owned rockets and spacecraft that fly people into outer space. In recent years, there have been a rise of companies gaining ground in the advancement of space technology. One of the most famous examples of this is SpaceX

SpaceX has become widely known as one of the best possibilities to fly humanity beyond our world. SpaceX’s recent launch of a four manned crew on Nov. 15 proves this. 

As AP News summarized, “This is the second astronaut mission for SpaceX. But it’s the first time Elon Musk’s company delivered a crew for a full half-year station stay. The two-pilot test flight earlier this year lasted two months.” With this achievement, it’s more likely that individuals will be able to be sent up to outer space and in time, go to another planet.

This flight was the first time a commercially-owned spacecraft flew a crew to the International Space Station. For people in the United States, this has also been the first time in almost a decade that astronauts have been sent to the ISS from U.S. soil. 

As CNN described, “The United States spent nearly a decade without the ability to launch astronauts into space after the retirement of the Space Shuttle program in 2011, and NASA was forced to rely on Russian Soyuz spacecraft to get astronauts to the ISS, which the space agency says left the multibillion-dollar orbiting laboratory understaffed.” With the revival of spaceflight in the U.S., going to outer space may be a part of our everyday lives and future.

The United State’s return to space incited a range of emotions as people in the U.S. watched on television, the internet and even attended the launch from afar. Many have expressed their excitement at seeing humans once again being sent out above us. 

The Orlando Sentinel reported, “David Arabie came from Louisiana, full circle from when he witnessed the final shuttle launch… Mitch Breasseal came from Alabama. He said it’s important for humanity that America again be sending up crewed missions.” This comment provides hope that one day we will step foot on another planet. In other words, bright days are yet to come.  With COVID-19 still raging on and with the aftermath of the election, people need something to look forward to, and this is it. 

One of the astronauts of the SpaceX crewed launch gave a beautiful message. USA Today reported, “We hope that it provides something positive in your lives and quite frankly we hope that it’s an inspiration, that it shows that when you work together there’s no limit to what you can achieve.”

With the possibility of commercial spaceflight becoming a more regular occurrence, we can only await the day when man steps foot not only on the moon again, but to other planets. This can be our future, but this can only be possible if we begin to work together toward a better tomorrow.