Tik Tok has been overtaken by videos about people going to the Spirit Halloween stores and buying costumes and accessories to wear as everyday clothes. Since I’ve been dabbling with a Gothic grunge style, this was the perfect opportunity. Also, I have been wanting to go check it out for inspiration for a Halloween costume. I’ve never been a Halloween person because of memories being scared of the teenagers that would come to our house on Halloween. Most people would assume that I would enjoy dressing up for halloween, but i’ve always been unenthusiastic about it.  I want to start being more excited for Halloween and I think going to a Halloween store is the way to do it. I would never go into them when I was younger because I was afraid of the decorations and wasn’t interested in what they had to offer. 

My Experience

When I went to the store in Lawndale CA, it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be! Spirit Halloween rents out retail spaces from August to November for Halloween, so the stores aren’t temporary and not super organized.Even though it was super hot and there was no AC, there was so much cool stuff to look at. I decided to dress up for the occasion with my scary scarecrow shirt and disney pumpkin mask. I wanted to look around to see what costumes or costume pieces I liked to inspire my halloween costume because I was still unsure of what I wanted to dress up as. My original costume idea was to be Lightning McQueen because I am obsessed with the cars movies, but was having trouble finding anything that wasn’t child size. When I first walked into the store I saw a trick or treat plush Lightning McQueen bag and immediately decided I was destined to be Lightning. I then grabbed some red accessories and spent around $64 on my Lightning costume as well as a few other items I wanted to use for more everyday wear. They had a whole wall of wigs, a great special effects makeup collection, and it wasn’t as overpriced as I thought it would be. The tights I bought were $9.99 which is a normal price, the costumes and wigs were more expensive and not worth their price.

Final Thoughts

My experience was similar to the videos I was seeing the cool people post on Tik Tok, where they found pieces to add to their normal wardrobes. I really enjoyed it and wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be, I only jumped once. I would definitely recommend going and getting accessories or clothes if you want to spice up your wardrobe, or buying an overpriced costume you will only wear once.