Is Classic Coffee the new Cougar Walk?  

One of Azusa Pacific’s four cornerstones is community, and it’s a big reason why students attend APU. With COVID-19 minimizing our chances to see each other, how are APU students fulfilling their need for community? They’re doing so by heading to Classic Coffee.

Classic Coffee is a coffee shop in downtown Glendora. I took it upon myself to visit Classic Coffee for a week straight since the pandemic hit. It turns out I’m not the only APU coug who enjoys their coffee, tasty snacks, outdoor seating and community. Some say that Classic Coffee is the new Cougar Walk.  

Classic Coffee has become popular among APU students because it’s a place APU cougs can connect at during these unprecedented times. 

I believe it has become the new hotspot for students because it offers an open and laid back environment to study/work in a place other than your home,” said Natalie Crouse, a senior allied health major. “Also, the coffee and treats are prime.”  

Jada Tarvin, a junior studying social work, believes it’s popularity increased because it resembles the community Cougar Walk provided. 

“Classic has become the new hotspot because APU students in the surrounding areas are craving a way to connect, something that will provide an outdoor resemblance of Cougar Walk and a nice coffee shop experience…, ” said Tarvin. 

Classic Coffee baristas Jonathan and Meagan told ZU News how they can tell when APU students come to visit their place of business. 

“I usually assume most of the college students are from APU,” said Jonathan.  “We don’t get a lot of Citrus kids,” while Meagan said, “Most APU students come in groups and they all have backpacks, hydro flasks and ask for the WiFi.” 

The two baristas believe APU students love classic because “of the delicious drinks, distance from APU,” and because “it’s another community they are a part of.”  While they appreciate the friendly spirits a lot of APU students bring.

My favorite thing about the APU customers is how much of their lives they are willing to share… ,” said Jonathan. Meagan said “All APU customers are super nice and are willing to create a relationship!” 

Classic Coffee does resemble Cougar Walk in many different ways; all the seating is outdoors, there’s always someone to talk to in the area and there are various eateries around.  

However, Crouse says Classic feels a bit different than Cougar Walk because it’s not on campus, but it makes a good substitute.

If you’re missing the community that Cougar Walk hosted, head over to Classic Coffee to make new friends, reconnect with old ones and enjoy a good cup of coffee. I’d recommend a cold brew with oat milk and vanilla syrup along with a Nutella scone (I could eat five of those and still want more).