A look book featuring students showing off their best fit with a mask

Graziella Jensesn, senior global studies major

@lovve_graziella wears her Frida Kahlo mask from @chivaroro on Instagram.

Mackie Lauzon, senior global studies and sociology major

@mackie_wackie on Instagram got her cute flower mask from APU student Mia Gutierrez’s Instagram shop @sweetlikehoneyaccessories.

Candelario (Candy) Plascencia, senior journalism major

Candy’s mom got him his cool Harry Potter mask, which he obviously paired with a banana bucket hat.

Ansley Wozab, public relations junior

@ansleywozab on Instagram is wearing a cute lime green ASOS mask that perfectly blends her into the greenier behind her. 

Carl Agers III, senior marketing major

@carlagers on Instagram, is wearing this fitted orange mask that his dad got for him.

Ruby Bronaugh, senior history major

Photographed by Sienna Hicks on film, @mutherofdog on Instagram wears their gingham mask from @alright.collective.

Taylor Meckley, senior journalism major

@taylormeckley on Instagram got her mask from Melrose Trading Post.

Sienna Hicks, senior journalism major

@siennajanez on Instagram, is wearing a mask she made herself.

Isabella Mohr, junior Christian ministries and humanities major

@bellacelestem got her cool Italian mask from her work @gondolaadventures.


Olivia Archibald, senior psychology major

@liviaarchibald on Instagram sports a mask from 7/11. 

Jazmine Nickels, senior journalism major

@jazzynickels_ got her princess mask from @littleshopofstuff.