Create the home screen aesthetic of your dreams

With every September comes a few things to look forward to: the first day of fall, seasonal coffee drinks and the launch of another iOS update from Apple.

On Sept. 16, Apple released iOS 14, the newest software update for iPhone users everywhere. While there are plenty of new features to explore and enjoy.

Home Screen Customization

The biggest update is the ability to design your own home screen aesthetic. If you’re not a fan of Apple’s design, you now have the ability to create your own.

There is a big emphasis on customization with this new update, which can easily be done through Apple’s  “Shortcuts” app on the app store. Here is a video by Renee Amberg that details how to go about this process.

Home screens are no longer limited to apps, but widgets too. In order to further customize your home screen, apps like Widgetsmith, Color Widgets and Photo Widget let you further customize your widgets to fit your aesthetic. This article by 9to5mac gives an in depth tutorial on how to achieve the home screen of your dreams.

Before iOS 14, the options were limited to changing wallpapers and putting apps in folders. Now, users can use pictures to replace the faces of their apps, change the app name and even move less used apps off of their main home screen.

Some themes that have been trending include Harry Potter, monochromatic, hand drawn doodles, neutral tones and even old school iOS.

App Library

The app library creates an easier access by swiping left on the last page of your home screen. The app library not only stores all the apps you don’t want on your regular home screen, but also sorts your apps into categories like social, productivity, entertainment, and recently added.


Another new feature of iOS 14 is an app that could change the way we communicate: Translate. There are a total of 12 languages available for translating on this new app, including British and American English. The app lets you type your text in a box, or you can simply speak into your phone.

The translate app will no doubt be great for international adventures, especially because you can download languages to use offline, but since many of us are still stuck in quarantine, the app could also help you learn a new language or brush up on an old one.

Group Chats

There are plenty of other new features of iOS 14 that have been less talked about, but will likely prove useful, such as the ability to reply to specific texts in a group message by holding down and pressing the “Reply” button. 

Another way to keep a group text smooth is what Apple calles “Mentions.” All you do is type someone’s name. If someone mentions you, your name is highlighted in blue. Another fun aspect added to group messages is the ability to assign not just a name, but also a picture to the group.

Continual Phone Usage

Another focus for this update is the ability to continuously use your phone while in the middle of something. If a phone call appears, it no longer takes up the whole screen, but rather a small box at the top of your screen, like a text message. Facetime calls also allow you to see the person you’re calling while completing other tasks. Even Siri herself has a new look that doesn’t take up the whole screen, but allows you to see what you are doing while talking to her.

The process of updating your phone, exploring and playing with new features, and now designing an aesthetic is all very time consuming. So as you explore iOS 14 and design your new home screen, I leave you with a piece of advice: don’t forget to do your homework as well.