If you’re bored during COVID19 outbreak, podcasts can be a great new way to stay entertained, especially if you haven’t listened to one before


As the reality of self-quarantining begins to settle, we are realizing that we have much more time on our hands than we know what to do with. 

What should we do with it? 

While binge watching shows on Netflix is always an option, podcasts might be a better alternative since you don’t have to stare at a blue light screen and you can multitask while listening. There are thousands of podcasts out there to listen to that can help guide our thoughts, and not let our days drift by aimlessly. 

I dug deep to compile a list of some of the most popular podcasts that you should listen to. They are available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Luminary, and/or YouTube: 


Zane and Heath Unfiltered

If you have ever come across David Dobrik’s vlogs on Youtube, you should be very familiar with Zane Hijazi and Heath Hussar. The Florida-born pair and Vlog Squad members of David Dobrik’s friend group have created their own weekly podcasts, where they talk about their crazy lifestyles and all things related to their YouTube content. 

They also give viewers a behind the scenes look into who they are when they are just being themselves in a calm environment, as opposed to their videos.Their podcast touches on current events, honest opinions and creates an entertaining experience for listeners and viewers at home. 


Office Ladies 

If you like “The Office,” this one’s for you. This podcast is run by co-stars Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey. Pam and Angela have reunited to recount an episode at a time, spilling all the fun moments and secrets they remember from filming. 

The nostalgia and excitement that comes from listening makes this quarantine lifestyle a little bit better. Even after re-watching all nine seasons on Netflix for the sixth time, this podcast will provide much more insight into things you didn’t know before. 



“Serial” is best known as the ultimate investigative journalism podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder. The latest season of “Serial” follows a true story of an innocent woman that ends up in jail and breaks it up over a number of episodes to further investigate the mystery. 

This podcast has won many awards, including the Peabody award, for its exceptional performance in telling an innovative nonfiction story. If you’re a crime junky, this one’s for you. 


The Alarmist 

The prime goal of each of this show’s episodes is to recount historical moments from the past and figure out ‘who is to blame’ for each one. With a comedic twist that successfully keeps listeners engaged, host Rebecca Delgado-Smith, best known for her role in “The Good Place,” is able to make the dissection of history enjoyable.


Off the Gram 

Channeling all #GirlPower stans, this inspirational podcast is brought to us by four empowering women — Jamie, Heidi, Christine and Meaghan — who come straight “Off the Gram.” This podcast was designed for them to become even more real with their followers and talk about different ways we can channel our inner girl boss as well as conquer each of our goals as individuals. From designers and celebrity trainers to CEO’s, this podcasts’ guest experts offer empowering and motivational ideas that are great to start your day with. 


The Mortified Podcast

This podcast is another fun storytelling series where adults get to come together and laugh about their most embarrassing moments. From their most horrifying experiences as children to laughable moments in front of complete strangers, this podcast has it all. 

If you’re someone like me — who is bound to trip in front of your crush or accidentally knock over your entire meal and ruin your shirt in public — give this podcast a try. The hilarious and relatable content really fills the extra time we have nowadays. 


Hear to Slay

Hear to Slay” is a podcast hosted by Roxane Gay and Treddie McMillan Cottomtake: two strong, fierce and intelligent women, who offer a black feminist perspective on all things relevant including celebrities, politics, cultures, life, love, fashion and much more. 

These women have no fear of talking about the latest buzz, and what everyone isn’t talking about. They offer the opportunity to be part of uncommon conversations that shape the world we live in today, delivering a good balance of laughter and intensity.