Five ways to keep chapel in your days 

The students of Azusa Pacific have settled into quarantine because of Covid-19. The days away from campus can be a stark contrast to the normal busy routine. Chapel was a part of the busy routine, even though it was a requirement, it also helped our spiritual growth.

Now, without thrice weekly chapels, we need fellowship more than ever. Here are five ways to continue the practices of chapel in a time of isolation. I recognize not every student can apply these ideas based on their religion, but each option is merely a suggestion. 

Live stream devotional message 

Every Wednesday, the Office of Spiritual Life has a live stream devotional message. This option will help any students who are missing school to hear from campus pastors and other speakers  on timely topics. Last week, Coba Canales, dean of Spiritual Life, spoke on God’s peace in a shifting time. Each devotional message can be found on YouTube for repeated encouragement.

Worship in your own way

There are many ways to worship through creative outlets. Worship music can be played anytime to help ease anxiety about current events. Try to have fun putting together new worship playlists, or look some up for a refreshing perspective. APU’s Chapel bands have put together playlists for all students, which can be found on Spotify and Apple Music. Maybe your form of worship is to paint, write or sing. Do whatever creative outlet reminds you that God is still in charge. 

Bible study

As any APU student knows, community is everything. Seriously, it’s easy to slow down our spiritual pursuit in a time of isolation, but this is when we need each other the most. Text a couple of friends to have a set time and use House Party to go through scripture together and discuss how it applies to now and the future. If you’re struggling to find others with similar goals, the Office of Spiritual Life has appointments available for spiritual care and pastoral counseling. There are many resources available to help students during this time of isolation; don’t be afraid to use them. 

Listen to podcasts 

So far, 2020 has been a year where hope is desperately needed. One of the easiest ways to fill time in quarantine is to melt into your couch in front of the TV screen, watching countless shows and movies. However, most of the shows on Netflix and other streaming services would not fit into the “uplifting and hopeful” category. Instead, put the remote down and try out some podcasts for a change of pace. 

The Office of Spiritual Life also has a podcast available for students, helping continue spiritual growth. There are other options for podcasts to help stay in a chapel-oriented mindset. Some topics range from church history, preachings, and diving into controversial topics from a Christian perspective. These coming days are perfect for spending hours on the floor learning as much as we can, since we have the time. 

Church live stream 

Any access to a church service has become online, like the rest of the world. If you have a home church, go find their links available for listening to live sermons or ones from the past. Some churches are taking this time to reach further into the community, and having live streams on other days besides Sunday. Scripture should never be overlooked, especially in this time. One option is to follow a series online with a church, relying on scripture for the answers. This is a unique opportunity to tune into churches across the states, and join in fellowship. 

In this time of isolation, it is important to actively seek out ways to continue to worship and learn to keep hope above fear.