Why rainy days are better than sunny days 

Have you ever heard the saying “too much of a good thing is a bad thing?” I would argue this is true for crisp, clear, sunny days. Maybe it’s because I’m from Texas — where sunshine means scorching heat — or perhaps it’s because I’m someone who likes an excuse to stay inside and watch movies, and rain provides just that.

Rain is comforting. Rain is relaxing. Rain whispers gently that it’s okay to stay in bed for five more minutes and enjoy its soothing sound. Though rainy days have a reputation of condoning couch potato behavior, maybe a day to relax and be lazy is exactly what we need. 

Sitting around in sweatpants, munching on pretzels and watching your favorite TV show just isn’t the same when the sun is out. 

When the sun is out, you feel obligated to go outside and enjoy it or you feel guilty for wasting such a beautiful day cooped up inside watching YouTube videos on your laptop. Rain, on the other hand, gives you peace of mind about your decision to slow down for a minute.

Rain is not only perfect for lounging, it’s also the best weather for studying. No one likes wasting a beautiful day, and in Southern California, we get a lot of these. 

Out of the 365 days in a year, only about 10 percent of them receive rain in Southern California. The endless sunshine is both a blessing and curse. Sunny days and warm breezes are nice, but because they are abundant, we often have to sacrifice sunshine for studies. 

When it’s raining, you have no choice but to stay inside, and you’ll likely be more productive without the temptation to sit outside and sunbathe. 

In fact, a study conducted by the Harvard Business School actually found workers to be more productive on rainy days than on sunny ones because there is no temptation to spend time outside. 

If you have a big test to study for or an essay to write, rain is your friend. Since we are college students, there’s always something to work on. Plus, the sound of falling rain is the perfect playlist to any study session. 

Besides schoolwork and streaming your favorite show, rainy days also provide opportunities to slow down and give attention to things you might be too distracted to do otherwise. 

While cooped up inside, you can give attention to neglected chores, such as cleaning your room, doing laundry or organizing your closet. However, if you’re a neat freak like me, there’s a good chance you’re already on top of that. If so, rain also provides an opportunity to practice a new skill (like cooking or baking), evaluate your goals or simply take time to rest.

Not only does rain give us opportunities for productivity or relaxation, the benefits of rain stem beyond the period of rain itself. Without rain, life itself would cease to exist. 

Rain causes growth. Imagine the trees without their luscious green leaves, the grass without its gorgeous green hue, the pink and yellow flowers too shy to open up. If not for rain, the lush of spring and summer as we know it would be gone. Vibrant, sunny days are made possible through rain.

Though rain has it’s many perks, like most people, I would never want rain 100 percent of the time. Rain for days on end gets old, but it’s the rain that rejuvenates and refreshes the earth. Without rain, sunny days are no longer sweet and refreshing, but miserable and dry. 

After all, what’s a sunny day without the flowers blooming and the tree’s springing back into life? Rain reminds us of why we love the sun and gives us a greater appreciation for the day when it finally comes out again.

If you’re still not convinced that rainy days beat sunny ones, I have one last argument: rainbows.