Christian music is not limited to Kanye’s album “Jesus Is King” nor what you hear on K-Love. From lo-fi to trap music, there are many artists who use their faith to influence their artistry.

Here are 10 artists to keep an eye on in 2020:

Aha Gazelle

Emerging from Louisiana, the same state that introduced us to rappers Lil Wayne and Kevin Gates, Aha Gazelle is another example of the talented artistry that comes from the southern hip-hop scene. Aha uses his platform as a rapper to give vulnerable messages about faith, racial injustice and nonconformity. 

With a powerful blend of trap and R&B, his music has been featured on WorldStarHipHop and three songs on Spotify have over 1 million streams. He has released his newest mixtape “180” on New Year’s Day, which has 50,000 views on YouTube alone. Look out for Aha Gazelle as he evolves his craft and uses his music to share his faith.

Montell Fish

Ranging from lo-fi to R&B, this dynamic producer, singer and rapper uses his artistry to not only entertain but also to minister. Having over 200,000 listeners a month on Spotify and a following of 48,000 on YouTube, the 22-year-old provides the voice this generation needs. Dealing with topics such as depression, pornography and other struggles that are often pushed aside in today’s Christian music, Montell Fish uses his transparency to show his audience that individuals are not alone in their battles. With his clothing brand, Lord’s Child, and a California tour in February, look out for him continuing his passionate ministry all 2020 long.


Raul Garcia, professionally known as WHATUPRG, is one of Reach Records’ most talented young artists. Since signing with the label in 2018, the 23-year-old has released two albums and seven songs, each with over 1 million streams. Using his Latino heritage to influence his music, as well as discuss topics about immigration and mental health, WHATUPRG sheds light on topics that tend to be avoided in Christian circles today.

Jon Keith

At just 21 years old, artist Jon Keith has made a significant impact on the Christian hip-hop community. With five albums to his name and a total of over 3.5 million streams on Spotify, the San Diego native is just getting started. With music covering topics such as questions of faith and forgiveness, Keith’s music helps vocalize the walk of a young Christian. Starting off 2020 with a new single “Way UP,” look for this artist to follow up his last album, “Olympus.” 


This collective, led by Andrew Padilla, Stephanie Marie, Henry Villasmil and Sara Elkins, creates innovative and unique works of art like no other. From captivating cover art to 360 virtual reality music videos, this group showcases the beauty that emerges when you embrace creativity and diversity in worship. In regards to their music, Ecclesia is already seeing success with five songs, each accumulating at least 500,000 streams. With a tour in Brazil to kick off 2020, expect this group to keep finding more imaginative ways to praise Jesus.


With one of the most unique flows in the rap community, it’s no surprise Foggieraw has caused much intrigue. Although his songs are consistently getting thousands of streams, his artistry is not limited to music. With music videos that never fail to leave you in awe, to having his own brand, The Diff Shop, Foggieraw is truly a modern-day renaissance man. With a collab featuring Dave James on “The Nerve,” watch him continue being one of the most captivating artists in hip-hop.

Isla Vista Worship

A collective of missionaries in Isla Vista, Calif., their passion for spreading Jesus is bigger than their music. Sharing the same neighborhood as University of California, Santa Barbara, Isla Vista Worship and their ministries seek to proclaim God’s love in their community. With five albums and nearly 300,000 listeners a month, it is evident that ministry has moved beyond Isla Vista. Joining Ecclesia in Brazil to start off the new year, Isla Vista Worship seeks to continue their mission of creating disciples and being a positive light of Jesus.Andrew Padilla


Born as Dylan Philips, the Tennessee-based rapper is a great example of how you can be successful as an independent artist. Originally a road manager for Derek Minor, the artist saw Nobigdyl’s talent but fired him as a way to push Nobigdyl to pursue music. Since then, he has released three bodies of work. His most notable piece is his recent mixtape “Lowercase Tape,” which ranked in the top 50 albums of the year by Genius. Prepare for Nobigdyl to continue making music that is electric and introspective.

Joey Vantes

With over nine projects in the last four years, Joey Vantes is always at work. Despite being an independent artist, Vantes has acquired deals with brands such as Starbucks, Nike and Christian Dior. With his unique voice and refined flow, it is no wonder why he has garnered this much success. As of 2020, he is continuing to release quality content at a high rate with the release of an EP titled “The Season” and the single “I’m Back.”  


Tanner Ross is a remarkable rapper with multiple songs each garnering thousands of views. Ross has worked with acclaimed artists such as John Keith and Gawvi. Despite his success as a rapper, it’s more amazing to see how far he has come since being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in May, 2019. Despite dealing with this news at the young age of 22, he’s been an example of what it looks like to trust God no matter your circumstances. He even released a freestyle the week after being diagnosed while in the hospital. As of 2020, his cancer is in remission and he released his newest album “Refresh” on Jan. 22.